Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Dear Teenage Girls,
Let me let you in on a little secret I just recently learned.

Don't beat around the bush.

Simple? I think not. See, our worst enemies are in fact ourselves. Teenage girls are insane and to think I am one is even more insane. One of the worst things about our gender is communication. Yes. I'm talking about real, honest to goodness to truth conversations. No texting, or facebooking your problems out with each other.
It's really scary- I know, I'm scared myself but the outcome has surely got to be better then hiding behind technology. What's even worse then using a modern day shield is not talking at all! Say your friend is your friend one week and then your enemy the next. Hmmm. Why is that you wonder... well most likely, you're never going to know because we the girls of the United States of America, don't tell them because
A) they figure you already know exactly why they are angry or
B) they are too cowardly to tell you and presume you will some day figure it out yourself.
NEWS FLASH! A & B are highly unlikely. Take the initiative, as the great John Mayer says, 'Say what you need to say.'

We are all a powerful, strong, beautiful and courageous generation! Let's be kind and sweet and... friends! I would like to take a minute to now quote Aretha Franklin:
Come on ladies. We can do it!

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