Sunday, May 29, 2011


Two weeks ago, my doggie, Abish died.

She was the sweetest pup even up until the end there.

Thanks for always being wonderful, Abey.

I love you lots.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

the final date.

One of the perks of being on dance company are the famous dates. On this last date, we had a BBQ, then a picture scavenger hunt, and finally a movie at Megan's. What a wonderful night!

guess who i took? shocker...
future president and past president

mid sweedish fish.

ps im lovin joce in the back.

sorren and curtis

chris and creed.

let me tell you a little about creed. he had should surgery a couple days before and was on quite a bit of pain killers... it was a hillarious night, to say the least.


bennet, amy, joce, will

the group

1. take a picture with an animal statue.

2. take a picture holding hands on a swing

3. take a picture in a store window.

4. take a picture doing the splits on an escalator.

5. take a picture with a worker at McDonalds.

6. take a picture jumping on a trampoline. (please note my spidee jump.)

7. take a picture doing a High School Musical jump in front of the temple. (please note Chris' spidee jump this time.)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Remember that one time on Curtis' birthday when he went to school and I went to the elderly center? Well it was called 'Jamestown.' And I loved it! did a few of our numbers for them.
ps. as a side note, I've had several dreams about it since. what does it mean, i wonder...

here we are in our closet, i mean, dressing room. it was TINY.
how come all dancers are pretty? like really, they're all just so gorgeous, i can't hanle it!

our audience was too cute.

brookie's dance

nomer's dance

sav's human stair case.

sav's lift.


and as a bonus, hannah and jenna wore matching dresses that day... unplanned!

it was a VERY good final performance as a dancer:)Add Image

thank you jamestown.

happy birthday mr. c

A lot of posts have been about Mr. C recently. But May's a busy month! So what can ya do?... blog about it I suppose!

Once upon a time, it was Curtis' birthday...

...and we kindapped him at 5am and took him to breakfast.
Melissa and Jake at IHOP.

Did you know IHOP stands for International House of Pancakes?
...the birthday boy! (he's so cute when he's first waking up)

In honor of Curtis' birthday, Jake stapled his calf. It bled. A lot. That's true man love for ya.
Later that morning, we went to a park and did something with a tree.
As a side note, environmentalist joggers are scary.
I've had nightmares.

Then we went to the mall and did a photobooth sesh.
Why? Because we can.

Following lunch (a DELICIOUS picnic), Curtis went to school, and I went to the elderly center. (More on that at another time.)

Curtis has after school seminary so Kylee and I decided to fill his car with balloons and write on the outside...

Curtis' birthday? Success... In my humble opinion.

So happy birthday Curtis, you're the best!

ps Guess what?!...

Roxy and Miguel

A couple days ago, I had the honor to do a dear friend's engagements. She and her fiance are beautiful people and it was so much fun to do this for them. We were laughing the whole time and the weather even held up for us! (It was raining before... it rain stormed after.) These must have been meant to be!

Here are just a few of many.
Thank you Roxy and Miguel!