Sunday, May 1, 2011

prom: i love you.

Prom. Prom. Prom. Prom. Prom. Prom. Prom. Prom. Prom. Prom. Prom. Prom. Prom. Prom. Prom. Prom. Prom. Prom. Prom. Prom. Prom. Prom. Prom. Prom. Prom. I LOVE YOU PROM!!! Quite possibly the best day ever. Let's start where we left off, shall we?

I got home around 2:45 that morning, (that's right 2:45 A.M) got some things put together for the morning and eventually got to sleep. Approximately 120 minutes later, my alarm is singing 'I'm only me when I'm with you' by Taylor Swift and it's time to start my day.

75 minutes later, I am in front of Mary's house and the two of us make our way to school where we meet up with the rest of madrigals and together we go to Lone peak where we sang for a room full of peers and 2 judges. It felt good though we haven't gotten our scores yet...

After that, I met up with Curtis and Kylee who were also at Lone Peak because Jake, Kylee's date, was singing as well. Following his events we drove up to Salt Lake and went to the Gateway mall where we went to Subway (I had the best sandwich ever), the movie, Limitless (so good!), Build-a-bear (I love my new bear, Jude), and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream (I had coconut sum'n sum'n sum'n. It was yummy). Oh and, we went to Claires and bought matching glasses. We looked hawt. That's right, with an a and a w. HAWT. (Curtis also found teal nail polish that he thought might match his tie and vest so we purchased that also. More on that later.)

my baby, JUDE!!!!

radical glasses.

Next up was hair and make up done by the dynamic sister duo, Jemi and Sarah! I cannot thank those cute girls enough!!! They were so willing and so kind to prettify me up so speedily, and my thanks will never be adequate for what they did for me. THANK YOU GIRLIES!!! (See? Even all caps wasn't enough.)

look at this complicated amazing-ness! wow.

At 6:30, Curbs was knockin' on my door while my Mama was finishing lacing up my dress. And then it was show time:) ps. the teal nail polish was PERFECT!!! good job mr. c! Oh and he brought me 3 red beautiful red roses that smell divine. Guess what else he did? He brought my mom a red rose as well! He scored major points.


this was rather difficult. but don't worry, i was able to do it. eventually.

he got his on the first time. skills.

The night started with pictures (I can assure you I will post those AS SOON as I get them), followed by dinner at La Jolla Groves (Balsamic Vinegar Salad, Lemon Chicken, and Lemon Cake. AMAZING!!!), the dance (so much crazy fun! Seriously, I've never enjoyed a dance so much before), and then 'Hitch' at Spencer's.

How did I just sum up an amazing night in only one paragraph? That is crazy to me. But I really cannot explain it better! I wish you all were there with me! There was so much joy, excitement, and beauty! Ah. A few of my favorite things:)

Last but not least, I must thank my wonderful date, Curtis. While I was half asleep last night as he was driving home (don't judge me-- I was surviving on 2 hours of sleep), I vaguely remember going through the day and thanking him for each tiny detail. Now that I am more awake, I still mean it, even though I'm sure it sounded ridiculous. I am so grateful for all that he did for me and the kindness and respect he showed me. So thank you, Curbs! Like with Jemi and Sarah, I don't feel like I can thank you enough! But I can try:) You're the best. And I am a very, very, very lucky girl:)


  1. Alright, you're the prettiest girl on earth. That dress is fabulous, too! Glad you had a good time! :)

  2. Oh my! You look absolutely gorgeous! And what an amazing Prom day/evening. Awesome memories! (Cute guy too...)

  3. You are a BEAUTY Sashie!! I'm glad you had an amazing time at Prom! :)

  4. Alex, you're so exquisite - inside and out - I'm so happy that you had an undescribable time. :) You deserve it.

    Love you!