Friday, August 28, 2009

Nonsensical: words or language having little or no sense or meaning.

Once upon a time, I did a note on facebook. Crazy I know because I'm not normally into these things but I came across it tonight and it brought back good memories. Enjoy.

16 Nonsensical Things

1. I had to look up the word nonsensical.

2. When I was little I wanted to be a police man because of the show 'Nash Bridges' starring Don Johnson.

3. In Kindergarten, I walked around the play ground singing made up songs to myself and sometimes other people, but if they turned around to look at me I would run away and hide under the slide.

4. I have never loved super hero movies or comics

5. I often find myself narrating my life as if it were a movie or at least a movie trailer.

6. You know how you have a ball and a socket in your hips that work together for rotating purposes? (Or something like that?) Well I don't have the socket in my left hip.

7. I hate, hate, hate tomatoes but put ketchup on everything.

8. I have always dreamed of working at Disney Land for a summer but am scared that I will like it too much and stay there forever. That's a good thing but I want to do more with my life then operate rides all day. (I mean, first I would be a princess but then I'd have to be an operator because can you imagine a middle aged disney princess?)

9. I used to be very sporty: I was captain of a football team and back up point guard in basketball.

10. I used to pretend I was part of the Backstreet Boys except in my mind I changed it to the Backstreet Kids.

11. I don't like people looking at my hands or feet unless my nails are painted. (Darker colors are my favorite)

12. I love rain so much, I wish I was 'Storm' played by Halle Berry in X-Men because I would make it rain every day.

13. I have never cried in a movie or book.

14. I saw the first 'Pirates of the Caribbean' 7 times in theaters.

15. I'm an angry tired person. Let me explain, you know how some people are angry drunks? Well if I fall asleep on the couch and get woken up, I get mean. The thing is that I don't mean to! In the morning I vaguely remember it and I have to do a lot of apologizing.

16. If anyone mentions the names, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, John Krasinski, or James McAvoy, (Oh my gosh they all begin with the letter 'J') I either say aloud, or think to myself, "We're getting married," because we really are.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bye Bye Sissies

Well everybody. School has started. I have not exactly loved it but I will manage. I will! But believe it or not, that has been the smallest event that happened this week.

On Wednesday, my oldest sister went into the MTC to serve a mission for the LDS church. (That's a lot of initials.) She is going to be gone for 18 months. I am going to miss her terribly.

Thursday was the first day of school. blah blah blah blah blah.

Today at 6:00 am, my other sister left for college. 3000 miles away. I'm not going to see her until Christmas. So basically, my two best friends have started a new chapter in their life while I am sitting at home, alone, on a Friday, watching Serendipity.

Oh I do love that movie.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tooth Picks & Sound Effects

Today a toothpick got stuck up my foot
. Yes. You heard me. I was minding my own business, cleaning up my room, when ******* (your sound effect here-- my choice is guhguhguh) !!!! My mouth opened but no noise came out and I crumpled to the ground to inspect my foot.

You can imagine my shock when I saw the mini wooden steak (Seriously! You could kill a mini vampire with that thing!) wedged in the tender fleshy part of my foot. (You know where I'm talking about?) Because the tooth pick was no where near an artery, I pulled it out. ******* (another sound effect of your choice here. Mine: slucchhhhhhhh)

But no worries, my mama came to the rescue with antibiotic cream and bandaids. Many of them. Thank you mama. And NO THANK YOU TOOTHPICK. Since when are their random tooth picks on the floor?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Leibovitz, Annie Leibovitz

When I took photography in 8th grade, we studied Annie Leibovitz for a while. What an adventure. She is the most talented photographer ever. Wow. One day I hope to be photographed by her. Somehow, some way... maybe I could be Belle??? Thank you very much. And here is some lovely eye candy for the lovely you.

Ride, ride that pony....

I love faires. And Julie Andrew.

The Queen herself.

My most favorite princess of all.

Jessica Biel/Pocahontas, you show that John Smith whose boss.

Ooooh how charming.

Scar Jo.

I wish I was a mermaid.

In Wonderland.

Dear Rodger Federer,
You can be my King Arthur if you would like.
Love, me

Friday, August 14, 2009

Puppy Love

So I'm um... I'm a member of a John Krasinski fan site. (It's not creepy I promise) ANYWAYS, so I was looking through the candid photos of him, just you know, browsing, and I found this picture:

And goodness gracious! I found myself envying the dog! That little puppy is one blessed canine. Is that sad? Jealousy of a doggie is not good. Oh dang it. It is sad.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


The time at the bottom of my posts is wrong.
It is 5:55am and I cannot sleep.
That's cruel--
especially considering I made an effort to go to bed early (for summer) last night.
I went up at 11:00. 11:00!
I last looked at the clock at 12:52 last night.

I have tried counting sheep and it is boring and reminds me of work too much.
(No, I do not count sheep at work but I definitely count.--
15-20 seconds for ONE person. Oh it is lovely.)

The early hours have reminded me of when I was an itty bitty child.

I would yell at the top of my lungs if I had a bad dream.
Keep in mind, I shared a room with my two sisters
and it was normally about 3 am.
Sometimes it was my Mom who came to the rescue of a nightmare.
Other times it was Daddy.

They would assess the situation and if the dream was bad enough,
(which I always hoped it was-)
they climbed into bed next me and would ask me questions.
(I liked the company.)

Like this:
Name your top ten favorite ice cream flavors
Name your favorite five rides at Disney Land
and so on....

And when I would finish with the task they gave me,
they had normally fallen asleep.
But I ask you,
Do 4 year olds mind waking up their dear, dear parents?

So I would nudge them awake and they would ask me more questions
until finally, finally, finally
I would...




Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Faces and Plants

I was thinking of a story this evening. A memory that I would like to share. Oh it is a good one. It is a story of a papa-face-plant.

For some reason, my dad had the urge to play a game on our boogie boards that went like this: Sit on the boogie board on the shore. When waves come, don't let your feet touch the sand. Pretend you are riding a bucking bull. It's a fun game! You look a little funny while doing it but it's enjoyable so okey dokey.

Dad was standing on his boogie board and I was sitting. A wave came and KABAM. Goodbye Dad. Hello face full of sand.

The end. (You kind of had to be there- oh wait! I was. Wish you were too.)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer of 2009

Well my friends, summer time is nearly over. Yes. I do have one and a half more weeks until school but those 9 days are going to be some of the busiest days of my life. And so now, I present my:

'All I Really Need to Know
I le
arned in Summer of 2009'
  • Don't talk back even though you really, really would love the last word. Customer is key.
  • When wet, khaki is see through.
  • A smile is not a marriage proposal.
  • With a little help, a little time, and a little practice, I can do hip hop. Mediocre hip hope, but still hip hop.
  • I like naps.
  • Lifeguards think they are rad. And they are! But we are too.
  • Patience is a virtue... and it's also very hard.
  • Eyebrows CAN get sunburned.
  • The Office will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER get old.
  • Don't forget you are not the only who goes through hard times.
  • Eating healthy is great. But so is pizza.
  • Time really does fly when you're having fun.
  • There aren't to many things more joyous than a well-deserved pay check.
  • Wave. Take me.
  • Helping people makes me happy.
  • I'm most definitely do not enjoy being the center of attention.
  • My room doesn't stay clean long enough.
  • A boiled egg isn't a boiled egg if you only boil it for 2 minutes.
  • A small part of my childhood died with Michael Jackson.
  • Holding a snail mail letter in your hands is much more exciting than receiving a mass forward on email.
  • Growing out your bangs is as hard as eating ONE no-bake cookie.
  • Huskie pants are not pants for huskies (as in the dog).

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Julie & Julia & me

I hereby give myself permission to write about a feel good movie one day late.

Two words and one symbol:

I haven't enjoyed a movie as much as I did this one for a very long time. Of course I've seen great movies recently but none as heart felt as this one. Plus I laughed an uncountable amount of times. Side ache.

I knew it was going to be phenomenal the moment I read Nora Ephron's name on the big screen. She has written four of my favorite movies. FOUR! In no particular order, they are...
  1. Sleepless in Seatle
  2. You've Got Mail
  3. Bewitched and now...
  4. Julie & Julia
Okay enough chit-chat. I'm sure you are wondering what the movie is even about! Let me tell you. Julia Child is middle aged woman who doesn't quite no what to do. Julie Powell is turning 30 and unhappy with being unnoticed in her life. Julia Child's story takes place in Paris, France in the 1950's. Julie Powell's story takes place in Queens, New York in good ol' 2002. So how on earth are these stories connected? Wow. It's quite fascinating. You see, Julia, who becomes a well established
cook, and author of her very own cook book later on in her life, inspired Julie to cook all of her recipes in one year and write A BLOG. a blog a blog a blog!!! I digress. This movie moved me and I'm sure the entire theater!

It's so complex and yet so simple. Those are the best kinds of movies you know.

Ps! There's a book. Im so reading it. Barnes & Noble. Now.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bob & Me

So my friends. I'm sitting at my slide today when I catch his eye. That's right. His.
Before I continue, you must know I am sly: cunning AND stealthy. You know what I'm sayin? So here I am, all cool and rad, sending people down slides, counting to 20 (one-one thousand, two- one thousand, three-one thousand.... ) when he turns up in front of me and says,

"Hi. I'm *Bob. What's your name?"
"Sasha" I reply. (I really wanted to say Penelope or Felicity or something exotic but I couldn't think of a name fast enough!)
"Nice to meet you Sasha" he says. "So how old are you?"


I wasn't going to tell him such things!
"How old are you?" I ask. He hesitates and umms and awws until he spills.
"Me too." I reply.
"Really? Good!" And then he sighs the greatest sigh I have ever seen!
Stressed much? I wonder. And then he gives me the longest explanation, um, ever, about how scary it is to tell a girl how old they are because, and I quote, "What if they turn around and say they're 22?!"
"No worries Bob. I'm not 22."
"I know," he says. "This could work."


And quickly, swiftly and rather hurriedly, I send him down the slide. Nothing could work my friend. Please do not say such things. Thanks.

*name changed

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

my heavy heart.

I am back home. Safe and sound-- all thanks to my Dad who is an award winning driver!

I arrived home with a heavy heart. It's been a well known fact for the entire summer that after the California trip, the next big thing is sending both of my older sisters away back east. It's completely random though, because they're not going to the same place, the same area but not some place. But that doesn't change the fact that I am loosing my two best friends in two weeks... one day apart.

Boo. Hoo.

Monday, August 3, 2009


First of all, isn't my title clever? It's the FOURth day of California... caliFOURnia. Get it? Alright. Well. Moving on.

Today was ever so busy and ever so fun!
We went to the beach and the pool sooooooooo basically, I spent more hours wet than dry today. I am pruney.


The end.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dear Nana

Dear Nana,
I do not have an update on CA today. I am very sorry. I know you enjoy new posts. (Does that sound braggy? I'm sorry. It's not meant to.) I love you!


ps. I love Grandpa too.

face planting fun.

Today was a picture less day. But don't cry! It was a great one. We went to church at our old ward and saw a lot of old friends- some who I haven't seen in five years! After church we went to visit my uncle and his family and had a rather amazing, award deserving and scrumptious mumtious lunch.

This evening, I lost a game of cards. boo. And now we are watching Stardust. (Basically it's a kind-of-sort-of remake of Princess Bride)

And though all of this is extremely exciting, I must tell you a story of yesterday's Papa-face-plant.

For some reason, my dad had the urge to play a game on our boogie boards that went like this: Sit on the boogie board on the shore. When waves come, don't let your feet touch the sand. Pretend you are riding a bucking bull. It's a fun game! You look a little funny while doing it but it's enjoyable so okey dokey.

Dad was standing on his boogie board and I was sitting. A wave came and KABAM. Goodbye Dad. Hello face full of sand.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

California- beach day

What an amazing day! I loved it. Thank you family.
And here is a picture story of my day:

my Grandma and Grandpa have a very cool collection of
Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil monkey dolls.

my (failed) attempt at drawing John Krasinski

oh! and I cannot forget! We had a fire in the oven today.
A real fire. Flames and everything.

Meet the dead bread.

and then my Dad went ahead and ate... two.