Saturday, October 31, 2009

Then & Now

This was in 1995....

This is in 2009...

Some things never change.

Happy Hallows Eve everyone.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Kissing Scene

We have reached the time in good ol' drama class in which we do the dreaded- or not so dreaded in some cases... like everyone but me- kissing scene. It's inevitable. You have to do it. There's no getting out of it. But here's the thing. Ladies and gents, at the ripe old age of 16, I am still VL... AND IT'S GONNA STAY THAT WAY!!! Here's my logic: I don't want to tell everyone who may ever ask in the future that my first kiss was in front of 20 of my peers... and it wasn't even real!

So folks, here was the plan. It was a few days ago and I was just going to go up to the partner I had selected and say, "Is it alright if we replace the kiss with a hug?" And he was going to say, "Sure! That's fine." Amazingly perfect right? But here's how it went down. I go up to him and the absolute first thing he says to me is, "
I'm not doing the kiss!" Wow. Thanks partner. That was so... nice? What does this mean I wonder...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Houston we have a...

I have a problem.
Halloween is just around the corner and I am costumeless.
Of course I have ideas but HOW.
Oh goodness I simply do not know.

My second problem:
I'm itchy.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Break

Over this past week, I have had many opportunities to do several photoshoots. Here are just a few of my lovely cousin Aria and my buddy Mary. Aren't they pretty?

Meet Sophie! My cute cousin.

Friday, October 16, 2009

D.CO Date part 3

Grass in a Shot Glass

After the haunted house, we had some time to kill so we drove around for a while and eventually decided to go to Jamba Juice. I wasn't too hungry, even for a smoothie, but I really wanted to get something! My eyes scanned the menu and when I saw it, I immediately knew what I wanted.

"I think I'm going to have grass in a shot glass," I told Stuart.
"Are you serious?" he asked.
"Of course!" I replied.

Before I ordered, I asked the girl if it was good and her immediate response was, "No." She then changed it by saying, "Well, actually, I'm sure some people think it's good but it's not my cup of tea." I told her I still wanted it and then we waited.

I watched them cut the grass and put it in the squeezer. You know how when you squeeze orange juice it's smooth? Or if it isn't, it's just the pulp? Well this concoction had a little more than pulp. It looked plain lumpy. What had I gotten myself into?

When they called our name, I was shocked to see, the grass juice was in a shot glass with an orange slice as a chaser. I raised the little grass up to my mouth multiple times only to put it back down. Basically... I was terrified. In fact, I think I was more scared to drink the dreaded grass juice than going through the haunted house. But an, "On your mark, get set, GO!" later, I chugged that little thing and immediately put the chaser in my mouth.

You know the smell of freshly mowed grass? Well it tasted like that. Lovely I know. But the best part was burping grass for the rest of the night. Believe me, it was very attractive.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

D.CO Date part 2

Our activity for the night was going to a haunted house. I had never been to one before and so I was extremely nervous. Good thing my date was a pro at haunted houses! Just kidding. As it turns out, we were both haunted house newbies.

My heart began to pound when from the car window I saw a scary looking woman throwing wood into a metal trash can to make fire. When we were walking to go inside the haunted house we passed her only to find she was a him. Whoops-a-daisy. Can't say I haven't done that before though.

They let us go in six at a time but because the halls were so small, we were lined up in three rows, two in each. (Madeline style.) Stuart and I somehow ended at the back which in my unexperienced mind, seemed the perfect place to be. I was dead wrong. (haha! note the pun) Apparently, if you're in the back, the clowns will follow you. And while I mention it, what is it with clowns? Why are they so scary? I have never had a problem with them before until that night. There was a whole section of the little maze dedicated to zombie clowns. It's creepy. But why clowns? Anyways, so as I was saying...

Despite the fact that Stuart would warn me about upcoming scary things because he saw the people in front of us who saw the people in the very front, I would still scream and attempt to run away thanks to my natural instincts. But I faced a problem each time: I would scream once again, and turn around to join the group because of the zombie clown following close behind us. As you can imagine, 10 minutes of this back and forth nonsense was exhausting.

The final part of the haunted house led us outside to a chain saw man. This part was an actual maze with actual left and rights and so of course, we got lost. Keep in mind, however, that the chain saw man is still chasing us. We eventually found about six other couples who were sticking together so we joined them. Finally we saw the exit and so we all started to run for it! The chain saw man began to chase our big group out of the maze which made us run faster. But I had a slight problem. My boots were a bit too big so we had to run slower than the rest of them. We must have been invisible for a moment because the evil chain saw man ran right past us and on to the rest of the group.

So picture this: A group of 12 people screaming and running for their lives out of the maze, the chain saw man chasing them, and Stuart and me chasing him. I'm sure that was a sight to see. In fact, I have drawn an illustration just for you:

click to enlarge for full effect

D.CO Date part 1

Last Friday night, my school's Dance Company did something called, a "D.CO date." This is where all the girls have to ask a boy on a date. After that experience, I am so grateful I am a girl and generally don't have to do the asking.

The boy I was originally going to ask was going to be out of town the night of the date and for a while there, I had no idea what I was going to do. Here's the thing, I feel like I have a lot of guy friends, but when it came down to it, I didn't feel like I had any!

So it was one week before the date and I was at rehearsal for the school musical- (and keep in mind I had just come from dance so I was hot, gross, and I smelt like... well frankly, dance.) when I saw my friend Stuart. I had met him through the production of a Shakespeare play last year. "I'LL ASK HIM!!!" I thought. So immediately, I crossed the room and said,

The Shakespeare Production,
Taming of the Shrew
where I met my friend, Stuart

"Hey Stuart. You. Me. Friday. Date."
"Of course." he said.
"K, see ya" and I left. And as I walked by him to leave, someone opened the door for me and wind rushed through my hair and hot dang- I looked liked a model. Also, I made sure not to say the time I was going to pick him up because they never do that in the movies, and that was that.

Ladies and gents, I wish that was how it happened. Psych. Actually, I immediately crossed the room, without having a speech laid out of how I was going to ask and I just began talking.

"Hey Stuart. Are you going to be around this coming Friday? Because I was wondering if you wanted to come on the D.CO date with me." He looked at me very strangely-- like, very strangely, and then I realized, he probably didn't know what D.CO was! I carried on, "D.CO is dance company. It's a dance company date. Do you want to come?" (Don't forget I was talking a million words per second.) After a short pause, (I think he was processing what I had just said) he said, " Sure that would be fun." "THANK YOU!!! YOU ARE A LIFESAVER. I APPRECIATE THIS SO MUCH!" I was so relieved and apparently I couldn't help but show my relief. Way to be cool Sasha. Way to be cool.

After I had just realized how desperate I must have looked I said the three emergency words: "Okay! Thanks! Bye!" and I ran out the door, went home, and had a cookie.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dance Company

A few Friday's ago, dance company had a photo shoot. Here are a few of the masterpieces....

photo credits: David Moon Photography
And now it is time for my pitch. Here we go: They are AMAZING. I highly recomend getting your pictures taken by them. I promise it will be worthwhile.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Winter Coats and Hot Chocolates

Hello! I feel like putting Christmas music on my Zune. Yes Zune, not Ipod. They're pretty much the same thing I think but gee gash! I am feeling very jolly this lovely morning because this evening I am going Winter Coat Shopping. Isn't that just swell? (Yes it is.) And in my perfect world, after I found my new coat aka my best friend from October to February, I would go across the street to a Barnes & Noble, purchase a book (perhaps one by Sophie Kinsella or Cecilia Ahern), purchase a hot chocolate (no foam, thank you), and sit down in their lovely cafe and READ. Read and read and read until I am the only left. Ahhh, bliss.

Winter coats seem to make everything better.

Dear October

Dear October,

Did you know that I love the cool weather and the color changing leaves? Because I do. Did you know I love deciding what to be on the blessed day of the 31st of October? Because I do. Did you know I love the Halloween dates and the Halloween candy? Because I do. Did you know that I love you? Because I do.


PS Did you know I changed my blog background for you? Because I did.