Sunday, January 31, 2010

Steffany & Crew

This is my new dance crew. Personally, I think we're rad.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shop of the Photo

Katie and I were going to have a LOST marathon last night... that is, until I fell asleep on the couch at 10:30. But to get us pumped for it, I created these two masterpieces. Me with Boone. (God rest his soul.) And Katie with Jack. Don't they look swell together? Hot dang! I believe our LOST marathon will have to be postponed til this evening.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Once upon a time it was Christmas. And what a wonderful Christmas it was! Oh how I loved the jollyness of it all! I think I just made that word up ps. My gift from Santa/Mum and Dad was a trip to visit my amazing sister KEKE, in the big city in March. All. By. Myself. WHA??? Yes my friends. Alone. I'd say I'm one part nervous and a billion parts excited. Katie and I have already discussed our plans of what we're going to do, and what we're going to wear.

So pumped right now.

But I bring it up now because yesterday, my dear Papa, booked my flight. It is offical. There's certainly no going back now. You want details? Well if you insist...

My plane (oooh that sounds so cool, my plane) leaves at 5:50 in the morning. I have to be there an hour early. WHA???? I have a connecting flight in Minneapolis.... where is Minneapolis? After an hour layover I get on one last plane and land in New Jersey. I should arrive at 2:09 sharp.

So pumped right now.

I chose an aisle seat so I could easily people watch and I'm currently debating on what to wear because you never know who you could run into on an airplane.


our pal BP,

the lovely Matt Bomer from White Collar,


if I'm living right, perhaps Dr. Jack Sheppard.

Whoever it ends up being, I'm planning on looking sharp.
So pumped right now. Have I said that already?

ps. I wouldn't mind if...

Jake from The Bachelor was my pilot. I'm just going to throw that out there...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dark as the Night

My rather stunning cousin Aria, (pictured below at prom last year) helped me with a little project today.

Before project.

After project.

I am now a darker brunette! My sister says it's the same color as Kate from LOST.

Swell. That works for me. Hip hip hooray is all I have to say about that.

Friday, January 15, 2010

a day for firsts.

Well folks. My birthday has past. It went by much too quickly if you ask me but I sure enjoyed myself thanks to my wonderful friends and family. They are so amazing and (I'm about to be ridiculously cliche) I do not know what I would do with out them.

My first word as a 17 year old: "Aw snap." (It was 5:30... in the morning. You'd say it too.)

My first food as a 17 year old: Frosted Mini Wheats. Gotta love em.

My first phone call as a 17 year old: From my Nana! Wishing me a very lovely birthday. Thank you Nana!

My first class as a 17 year old: English. Where my two besties, Mary and Erin bombarded me with a birthday princess crown, Ms. Birthday sash, and a pastry which was so incredibly good yet so incredibly bad for me.

My first Happy Birthday song of the day as a 17 year old: In English. After Erin and Mary left, my class realized it was my special day and broke out into a lovely rendition of the universal song that everybody knows.

My first awkward moment as a 17 year old: Going to Cafe Rio with my sister and seeing absolutely everyone I know. And I mean everyone. I know I know. It's only awkward if you make it awkward. But guess what? I made it awkward. (I go New York.)

My first LOST episode as a17 year old: SPOILER ALERT Shannon died. WHA????

My first kidnapping as a 17 year old: Mary kidapped me, blind folded me, and took me to the coolest restaurant EVER!!! (Pirate Island.)

My first matchmaking as a 17 year old: I wrote my friend's number on a $1 bill and gave it as a tip to the balloon man. She'll thank me later.

My first blog as a 17 year old: This one.

Good day for firsts, I think.

my sister and i before lunch. before i saw everybody. before i embarassed myself. major.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My First Commercial...

In August or September, (or maybe it was even October) I helped out a friend with his commercial. He worked for this company for a little bit and they asked him to film a mini commercial for their website.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the finished product!


Last Tuesday it was Keke's birthday.

She is now 19. Katie has been my best friend for 16 years, 51 weeks and 6 days. (...My entire life.)

I love how Katie has brains and braun, how she has original opinions and ideas and how she is not afraid to share them. I love how she texts me everyday with words of encouragement, and is never afraid to say, "I love you."

Katie, I love you too.

enjoy the kate collage.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

LOST: season 1

10 things I learned from watching LOST: season 1

warning! may contain spoilers.

10. Crazy french women are crazy. Elle est folle.

9. I am only flying with somone named John Locke by my side from now on. If you get stranded on an island, he is your man. He can make pretty much anything from pretty much anything. Where oh where did he learn you could make glue from animal lard?

8. Don't wander the island alone. You will either be abducted or eaten. (Choose which one you prefer.)

7. When stranded on an island, even golf becomes amusing.

6. 9/10 of the attempts to get off the island will be sabotaged. If you prepare for it, then maybe it won't come as such a shock... Maybe.... but don't give up!

5. Sawyer will drive you crazy... until he gets his mix-matched glasses. Then you won't be abe to take him seriously. That's just the way it goes.

4. Old dynamite is very explosive. Very, very, very explosive. Like, if your name sounds something like 'Artist' and you think you've got it under control, chances are you might blow up. (And my sister will burst out laughing because, "It's just so funny!")

3. Don't fall in love with your step sibling. It doesn't matter that you both won the genetic lottery. It's a recipe for disaster.

2. You will be okay if Dr. Jack Sheppard is on your side... who you gonna call? JACK SHEPARD!!!

1. I solemnly swear to never use a certain sequence of numbers for um, anything. ANYTHING.

ps. Wanna know something cool? My sisters and I are all in LOST! One of the main characters is named Kate. (Keke- the one in NY.) The crazy french woman is named Danielle. (Dano- the one on a mission.) And the crazy french woman's child who may or may not have been abducted 16 years ago was named Alex. (Yours truly.) Woah. It's a sign.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolutions!

My family plus my Mum's brother's family on New Years Eve.
I am the one with the blonde hair. It's fake, I promise.
It's a long but kinda great story.

I am going to be rather cliche and list my New Years Resolutions. Last year I only had one and I failed! So! This year I am determined to fulfill ALL my resolutions! And here my friends, is the lovely list:
  1. No chocolate!!! Oh how I love this necessary evil- and for the year of 2010 it is going to be an unnecessary evil. This was the resolution I did last year and I lasted for the entire month of January. February 4th. That was the day I had one of my Mom's famous 'Fudgie Oatmeals'. They're leathal. Now. I know, I know. No chocolate sounds super dumb but I want to do it one year in my life! So how bout now?
  2. Voice warmups at least 300 out of the 365 days this year. I beat myself up when I don't do them but I think if I allow myself some leeway then perhaps I won't, as I said moments ago, beat myself up! Voila!
  3. My final one is a little more general than the first two. How does... BE A BETTER PERSON sound! Yah? Yah? You see, when we watched the ball drop on TV last night, someting just felt good about 2010. Doesn't it just feel refreshing?

Yay for 2010. I hope it is a wonderful year for us all. xxx