Thursday, January 31, 2013


The Elder Boyfriend sent me some pictures from the MTC (he entered in July and left in September) that I thought were so adorable I just had to share! In case you don't know what he looks like, just look for the cutest guy in the picture and that's him.

All his friends who are on missions have sent this shirt around and they have all signed it. 

Pete, from high school.

Curt and 3 other guys sang at a huge missionary meeting.

Boom. The number of people (seats) he sang for.

Friends from high school, Jesse and Pete.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Part 1 of 2:

^^^ 17 year old Alex ^^^
20 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About 20 Year Old Alex:

  1. Someone once told me I reminded them of Liz Lemon from the show 30 Rock MINUS the funny part. I think they were trying to insult me but it was actually one of the best compliments I have ever received since I look up to Liz Lemon (So what if she's a fiction character) for embracing who she really is and not caring what people think about her.
  2. In 8th grade we played the game of "I Have Never" on the first day of class. The game starts with each person holding up both hands and all the fingers. One by one everyone goes around and says things they have never done. For example, "I have never gone skiing!" And all those who have gone skiing have to put a finger down. The last person with the most fingers still up wins! And now I shall continue. Back in 8th grade... one of the 'I have never' comments was, "I have never peed in the shower." I didn't put my finger down even though, the truth is, I have peed in the shower. You know you all have to. Little kids do it all the time! And every single one of us has been a little kid at one time. So, to my social studies class of six years ago, I am sorry for lying.
  3. On the bus to Epcot there is a stretch of road that is extremely bumpy and no one really likes it... except for me. I think it's super fun to bounce up and down so it's always the highlight of my bus ride to work and I look forward to it every time I have a shift at Epcot.
  4. In 3rd grade I had a dream that Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) was my boyfriend. His rat, Scabbers, and my hamster, Ginny, were best friends and it all felt so real! When I woke up and realized we weren't actually dating, I cried.
  5. I used to work at Victoria's Secret and when I first started working there, I thought all the mannequins decked out in their 'PINK' attire looked so stupid. I mean, who wears PINK sweats, PINK shirts, PINK sweatshirts, PINK skivvies and even PINK socks? Can you say, 'trying to hard?' However, as I write this, every single piece of clothing I am wearing is PINK. I have become one of those girls.
  6. Last week my roommate and I went to Magic Kingdom and decided to splurge on lunch. We went to one of their 'nice' restaurants and the truth is that it wasn't very yummy food, but it was fun to have the characters from the 100 Acre Wood come to our table visit us. However, since it was so expensive, I probably shouldn't go grocery shopping for a while. But that's okay, I have enough food, it's just really random. For example, today for lunch I had, beef jerky, dried cranberries, and a rice krispy treat. What a meal. 
  7. I hate it when people ask me what I do at Walt Disney World because the truth is, there's not much I can say about it. I wish I could brag and tell them all the fun stories that have happened to me but in order to protect the integrity of Disney, I cannot. Therefore, when people ask me, I have to be rude and give one word answers. It's the pits because I'm not a rude person, I promise. 
  8. I have seen a couple R-rated movies in my lifetime. It's unfortunate, but true. But what's more unfortunate is that the R-rated movies I have seen have been huge disappointments! What a waste. Just stick to G-PG 13, Alex. C'mon! 
  9. My new roommates are from a place in the world that has very hot temperatures and so anything below 85 degrees is freezing cold to them. Because of this, they have the heat on ALL THE TIME. I have tried to compromise with them but either they don't understand me or they're not willing to settle (Truthfully, I'm not sure which one it is at the moment). Consequently, I wake up each morning super sweaty and gross, try to cool off by taking a cold shower, but when that doesn't work, I always end up not wearing a sweatshirt to work but since most bus rides are an hour long I'm always freezing cold by the time I make it to the parks.
  10. I shop at Walmart and so I will normally buy 'Great Value' brand if it's available. However, I have never and will never buy the 'Great Value' brand of my ketchup. Ketchup is probably my most favorite thing in the entire world and the 'Great Value' version of it isn't bad, but NOTHING will ever compare to HEINZ. Ever. It's basically heaven in a bottle. 

A Missionary's Planner

The missionaries in my singles ward here in Florida use their planner for everything. EVERYTHING. I know my sissy did too while she was on her mission in New Hampshire. So you can imagine that when Elder Curbs sent me pictures of his planner, I was very flattered.

And then I was double flattered when I saw the back of his two name tags. Hey look who's on it! (Not me, no sir.)

He's so cute.
I just loooooooooove him!

Friday, January 25, 2013

i am so thankful for modge podge.

As I've mentioned before, Elder Boyfriend sent me the sweetest birthday package. It contained lots of cutsie princess stuff including a 750 piece puzzle of a few of the Disney princesses. I am not a big puzzle-r and though I thought it was sweet, I set it on my desk and excitedly read the talk he sent me given by President Uchtdorf last conference with all of his cute little missionary insights.

It wasn't until the next day, though, that I opened the puzzle box and saw little words on the back of the pieces. Wait a second, am I getting asked to a high school dance? Nope. Nope, Alex, you are not. Instead, you are the girlfriend of a cutie patootie (and creative) missionary who had a lot of free time on New Year's Eve.

At first I was overwhelmed by such a big puzzle but then I remembered my Mama is a puzzler extraordinaire! How lucky am I.

So we got out the puzzle mat, sorted the pieces in to edges and middles and then by princess. Honestly, I mostly just sorted since I'm usually the one who shoves pieces into the picture that don't really fit. So though I didn't do much, I'd like to think I was a cheerleader for my Mommy.

Brannigan was also a cheerleader. And sometimes too much of a 'helpful Henry' but hey, it's the thought that counts, right?
Look how pretty the finished product was!

I am so grateful for Modge Podge.
Tiny writing.

The end result was the sweetest letter EVER. Remember how my boyfriend is better than your boyfriend? (Just kidding, that felt mean. And I'm not mean; biased? H yes I am. I freakin' love this boy.) It was so nice of him to remember my birthday, send me a gift and even prepare it a whole two weeks in advance, WHAT?! Who's a lucky girrllllll? Me. I'm the lucky girl.

Thanks, Curt.
You rock.
See ya in 18 months, okay?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Words with Friends

I got to see a few friends while I was visiting my home sweet home last week.


Look who signed his new hat!

Melissa Jane (that's Elder BF's sweet, sweet sister. She showed up to lunch with a bouquet (pictured on the right) and said that Curbsy had emailed her that week and asked her to pick up some flowers and give them to me for my birthday. Seriously???? How kind are they!)

I saw Alyssa, who is not pictured unfortunately and then last but not least, I also saw Stiney.
And then I made her hold up the shirt I got her and tie a bow in her hair.
That's why she's the best.

It's weird to think that life goes on for all my besties while we are nearly 3000 miles apart but I am grateful it does because life is wonderful. They are all progressing in ways we couldn't have guessed a year ago.

Thanks for taking the time to see me, my lovelies! I'm sorry to my friends who I didn't get to see, please forgive me. I guess all y'all will just have to come visit me in the sunshine state sometime!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nigel & Rosie

I'm sure you know my obsession with pugs. I'm so obsessed, in fact, that the majority of my birthday dinner was spent talking about them with my family and showing them pictures of my babies on Pinterest. Nice. During my embarrassing display of weakness for these adorable creatures, my Dad mentioned that he knew someone who had two pugs. Thanks Dad. I am now jealous of this random woman that I haven't ever met.

Fast forward a couple hours and right before I was about to go to bed on my birthday night, my Dad showed me a message conversation he had on Facebook with this pug acquaintance a few hours prior. The jist of it was the following:

Dad: My daughter's obsessed with pugs. Is there any way possible she might be able to stop by for a few minutes sometime this week and visit yours and ask you questions about them?
Nicest (pug) lady on Earth: Of course!

What?!?! Is this real life? Did I just win the lottery? The kind soul lottery, I think! Eagerly, I text this nice woman, set up an appointment for the next day, and could barely sleep that night. Seriously, it felt like Christmas.

FINALLY, the morning rolled in and DJ and I went to visit Rosie and Nigel. Oh my heavens, I was in heaven. I lead a very happy life and I can easily list off to you moments in my life that have made me genuinely happy and this, my friends, will go on the list. (A few other things on that list include my baptism, going to Disneyland with my family on Christmas, the Jo Bros concert with MP in 2009, getting a lead role in my school play in 10th grade, my first kiss with Mr. C, getting accepted into the Entertainment Dept. at WDW. And that's just skimming the surface. Blessed? I think yes.) This was my first interaction EVER with pugs and it just sealed the deal, I want Florence more than ever now. 

Nigel on my right, Rosie on my left.

So basically I had to force the pugs to sit with me but DJ, who didn't really care for them at the time didn't have to do anything and they just naturally gravitated towards him and wouldn't leave him.... Psh. Pug whisperer.

Thank you so much to my Daddy for setting this up, DJ for coming a long with me, and the kindest lady on Earth who was just so gracious to let two strangers in to her home and play with her babies for a few minutes. 20 was starting off pretty wonderfully... and it only got better.

Monday, January 21, 2013

It is your birthday.

When I woke up on my birthday, it didn't really feel like my birthday just because the real treat was going home for a couple days. However, there I was, laying in my bed at 8:00 in the morning thinking about how crazy it was that I was 20 years old. TWENTY. In one more lifetime I'll be 40. And in four more I'll be in the triple digits (if I even live that long... but who knows with all the new medicine that's coming out!) The point is that I was feeling very, very old and wasn't sure how to react towards this fact. However, instead of wallowing in my old age, Dano and I went to our dear, dear friend's salon where she gave us both a trim. My poor hair needed it so badly. So thank you Janna!

Oh, Sean, you cutie patootie, you.

After haircuts, Dano and I went to the beloved Zuppa's where I had, without guilt (because I hadn't had it in four months) a LARGE Mangoberry salad WITH extra dressing. Num yummy.
Next, we came home and watched 'The Bachelor' which, if you know me, you know is my guilty pleasure. Sean, my friend, I have a bit of advice for you which I ask that you don't take lightly. And it is this: KACIE B. IS THE ONE!!!! C'mon, my friend, it's so obvious.

Double friendship style

Fast forward to dinner time and my Mama said I could have anything I wanted, anything in the entire world! This was an exciting thought to me so after much pondering and consideration, I chose PB&J. Why? Because I don't keep bread or peanut butter in my apartment at home (since if I did, I wouldn't be able to eat it safely). My sandwich was absolutely heavenly.

Mama greeted me at the airport with birthday flowers
Elder BF sent me a BYU Cougars ornament, covered up the 'S' at the end of the word, Cougars and told me that since I was 20 and he is still 19, that a cougar is what I am. Rue.

After dinner, the family drove up to the Salt Lake area to have dessert, open presents, and play games with my sister and brother-in-law. It was low-key yet delightful which was just how I wanted it.

Because when you're married, you coordinate your stripes and colors.
Agle-Lifferth clan
A huge thanks to all those who made my birthday so special! I'm such a blessed elderly soul.