Friday, January 25, 2013

i am so thankful for modge podge.

As I've mentioned before, Elder Boyfriend sent me the sweetest birthday package. It contained lots of cutsie princess stuff including a 750 piece puzzle of a few of the Disney princesses. I am not a big puzzle-r and though I thought it was sweet, I set it on my desk and excitedly read the talk he sent me given by President Uchtdorf last conference with all of his cute little missionary insights.

It wasn't until the next day, though, that I opened the puzzle box and saw little words on the back of the pieces. Wait a second, am I getting asked to a high school dance? Nope. Nope, Alex, you are not. Instead, you are the girlfriend of a cutie patootie (and creative) missionary who had a lot of free time on New Year's Eve.

At first I was overwhelmed by such a big puzzle but then I remembered my Mama is a puzzler extraordinaire! How lucky am I.

So we got out the puzzle mat, sorted the pieces in to edges and middles and then by princess. Honestly, I mostly just sorted since I'm usually the one who shoves pieces into the picture that don't really fit. So though I didn't do much, I'd like to think I was a cheerleader for my Mommy.

Brannigan was also a cheerleader. And sometimes too much of a 'helpful Henry' but hey, it's the thought that counts, right?
Look how pretty the finished product was!

I am so grateful for Modge Podge.
Tiny writing.

The end result was the sweetest letter EVER. Remember how my boyfriend is better than your boyfriend? (Just kidding, that felt mean. And I'm not mean; biased? H yes I am. I freakin' love this boy.) It was so nice of him to remember my birthday, send me a gift and even prepare it a whole two weeks in advance, WHAT?! Who's a lucky girrllllll? Me. I'm the lucky girl.

Thanks, Curt.
You rock.
See ya in 18 months, okay?


  1. Now that is a true gift of love. Very clever. He gave that real thought. 'Glad mama was there to help also.

  2. So, when do we get the transcript of the puzzling letter?