Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Words with Friends

I got to see a few friends while I was visiting my home sweet home last week.


Look who signed his new hat!

Melissa Jane (that's Elder BF's sweet, sweet sister. She showed up to lunch with a bouquet (pictured on the right) and said that Curbsy had emailed her that week and asked her to pick up some flowers and give them to me for my birthday. Seriously???? How kind are they!)

I saw Alyssa, who is not pictured unfortunately and then last but not least, I also saw Stiney.
And then I made her hold up the shirt I got her and tie a bow in her hair.
That's why she's the best.

It's weird to think that life goes on for all my besties while we are nearly 3000 miles apart but I am grateful it does because life is wonderful. They are all progressing in ways we couldn't have guessed a year ago.

Thanks for taking the time to see me, my lovelies! I'm sorry to my friends who I didn't get to see, please forgive me. I guess all y'all will just have to come visit me in the sunshine state sometime!

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