Saturday, August 27, 2011

the final day.

The final day was a day of sadness. No, not because sad events occurred but because, I'm going to be completely honest and tell you that I had no desire to leave the lake. It's official: boating is now a hobby of mine.

The final day was a day of exploring
. We went 'the narrows'. Kinda. Basically it's where two cliffs nearly meet, creating a small opening to swim through. As you swim along it gets narrower and narrower until you cannot swim any further. LOVED IT.

The final day was a day of Kanab.
Kanab is a very small city in southern Utah. In fact, it's so small, it has a dummy placed in a police car near the entrance of the city to slow down incoming traffic. We left the lake early that day to sleep over night in Kanab but before doing so, we ate at Nedra's. Has anyone ever been? It's very yummy and a Kanab must!

this is how sad we were to leave.

The (actual) final day was a day of thrift store shopping. I got a pair of shoes for two buck-a-roos! (Sorry, I had to rhyme.) Then, we drove the 5 hour drive home and that was that.

Was that a good trip, or what???

So. With that said, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Killpack family for their indescribable hospitality. Truly, they were so kind to let me join their family for the week and it was such fun to have a new experience with them.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I knew I forgot something...

As I was writing the final post of the Lake Powell trip, I remembered two important details that I failed to mention in my last blog. Shame on me! But the truth is, they're not all that great or enticing. It's just that if I forget, I will be shamed faced....

The first one starts on the second day, in which I felt a cold coming on. Oh no. No cold for me. Not on my one and only vacation for the year! So I took zyrtec that night before I went to bed. Then, the next morning I woke up and still felt sick! So what did I do? I decided it'd be best if I took another dose of zyrtec. Ya know, just to be safe.

Bad idea.

By lunch time, I felt strange. Very, very strange. And for some strange reason, I could not keep my eyes open. Ladies and gentleman, did you know that zyrtec lasts 24 hours? Yep. I had accidentally overdosed. So, due to the Killpack's kindness, I was able to sleep it off in the boat. When I woke, I was feeling fresh and wonderful! However, I can assure you that I did not take any zyrtec for the rest of the trip despite how I was feeling.

The second story is really short. Basically a storm came while Curbs and I were out on the wave runner and I felt like we were gonna die due to the incredibly high waves and pouring rain.... that's all.

If I was an adrenalin junkie, I have a feeling I'd think that was pretty sweet.

Rainbow/Dinosaur Fossil/100,000,000 degrees day Day

Day 3 was Rainbow/Dinosaur Fossil/100,000,000 degrees Day.
The group of us went to Rainbow Arch, hiked a wee bit (and by wee I mean super wee) and took a picture of a Dinosaur Fossil in 100,000,000 degree fahrenheit weather.

Okay. Maybe you guys aren't loving all the pictures of the cliffs because maybe they're 1000 times cooler in person but I think they're awesome. Especially when I think about how they at one time were completely under water. Wow. That's intense. Gives me chills.

The wind picture. Everybody has them.

Mr. C took this picture. (I made him, but still.)
Good job Curbs. And thank you so very much.

Cliffs. Again. (Sorry again.) But if you look closely you can see where the water levels used to be. Wow. Where is all the water going? Sad, huh?

I'm happy. Especially because I had a juice box.

And apparently I wanted Mr. C to drink some.

Mkay. So maybe I'm a nerd but I thought this was SO cool! A real dinosaur fossil? How amazing is that?

This is Christine. Here she is showing us a picture of the dinosaur that made the fossil. Can you see it? It's multicolored!... okay so they don't know that for sure but it's still a rippin' rad hypothesis.

And finally, the long awaited picture of the group at Rainbow Arch. It was beautiful to the point of being serene, actually. I can see why it is spiritual to the Indians who used to live there.

And that's a wrap for day 3.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


lake powell day 2
Day 2 of the Lake Powell trip was the first full day out on the lake. Was it wonderful, or was it wonderful? It was wonderful.

Melissa, Miranda, and I pumped for the lake.
Did you know it was my first time ever to Lake Powell?
Or boating for that matter?
Apparently I'm 'sheltered'.

Have you guys been tubing before?
It's the BEST!
However, I may or may not have hit my head on the water and gotten whip lash... it was intense, to say the least.
(But SO worth it.)

Holy moly.
Can you believe this view?
Nothing but lake and cliffs.
It's mind blowingly beautiful.

and for this next picture... well... this is Mr. C one month pregnant.
Is that attractive, or what?
(I dread to see what 9 months might look like.)
(wait, actually, I'm kind of intrigued rather than dreading.)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sup y'all. I'm back. Miss me?

Just kidding.
How are you guys? Have you had a good week?
I did. :)
As I mentioned in my last post, I went to Lake Powell with Mr. C and his family.
And I want to tell you ALL about it!
Let's start with the first day....
My callasses started to peel off my feet from dance. How sad. Years and years of work just falling off. What a shame. (I ended up cutting it off. Yummy, huh?)
We entertained ourselves by taking lots of pictures. We are just so photogenic, I can't handle it. ;)
Take 2.
Take 100.
About 6 hours later, we ended up in Paige, Arizona. It was hot. 500 degrees to be exact. But don't worry, we went to the lake right away and cooled off for an hour or two. But that is only where the story begins...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

Color Me Mine. Please.

Guess what friends? Tomorrow I am heading down to Lake Powell with Mr. C and his fam bam so before I leave, I want to leave my blog on a good note. My last post was a little intense. So. Let's talk about happy things, shall we?

10 days ago, Mr. C and I went on a date. Part of that date was to Color Me Mine. Have any of you guys been there before? It's so much fun!!! I felt like I could have spent hours in there. I want to go back asapers. But what did I paint this time, you ask? No, I will not tell you but I will show you....

Ta da!!! I am in love with it. Since it's been a little toasty for herbal tea these past few days, I have been drinking my morning orange juice in it. It's been wonderful and has started my day right each time.

Mr. C painted a unicorn... one of these days, I'll get a picture and show it to you. It's quite fantastic if I do say so myself. But ya never know, maybe I'm biased... :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This is the meanest post I've ever written... but nobody talks to my loved ones that way.

Dear "celebrity" who was rude to my mother, sister, and friend,

First and foremost, please get it into your itty bitty head that you are not a celebrity. No one has ever heard of you... or your band for that matter. And if they have heard of your band, they don't know who the heck you are. Why? Because youre the key board player. And let's face it, who's the keyboarder for Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, or Demi Lovato? Anyone, Bueler, anyone...? Exactly. Nobody freakin' knows. Therefore, you have absolutely no right to get "special treatment" or even expect it. So. I'm going to ask you one question, "celebrity", what gives you the right? Because as far as I'm concerned, you're just like everybody else. If not, lower, because most people don't treat others the way you do. I don't know how you've come to this conclusion that you're talented but... you're not. So don't be a.... excuse me, how about I just say, don't be rude. Does that work? K thanks.

Oh, also, one last thing: If you wanted to tell your non-celebrity girlfriend to go away and never come back, that'd be okay with me. She's even less famous than you are. (and as i said before, you're not famous at all so.... whatever's lower than nothing is what she is.... congratulations ms. non-celebrity. you're a real catch.)

With warm regards, "celebrity" and girlfriend. You will both go far in life.


don't mess with my family.... or i will write a hate letter to you on my blog.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

'You Again' screenshots

So today during my down time here at the studio, I watched the movie, You Again starring Kristen Bell. (She is one of my favorites.) And I busted up laughing at Kristen Bell's face at one part... so I took screenshots of these particular moments. (Shown below...)

Kristen Bell is the one on the left and she has just had food dumped on her. But doesn't she look so funny? Cute almost. Like a little girl who has been 'shamed faced'.

Haha oh the joys of bein bored on set. That's right, I've been here since 7:50 this morning and it's now 9:08pm. And guess what? There's no end in sight. I guess this is what they mean when they say there's no business like show business...

Yesterday was awesome.

Can I please just tell you about yesterday? It was awesome. For no reason in particular but for several little things that with a little here, and a little there, managed to make my day.

It started badly though. I woke up STARVING. I needed breakfast. I had chosen Life cereal, reached into the fridge for the milk, nearly started pouring when BAM! I saw a blue lid. Do you know what the blue lid means? 2%. And I strongly dislike 2%. So I begrudgingly ended up having a muffin. But it tasted funny. So after two bites, I spat it out and got ready for work. Still hungry.

Where do I work you ask? I'm still not telling. Why? I don't really know. But I'll tell you one of these days. Okay but it wasn't this mysterious work that I was scheduled to work at yesterday. Yesterday I was working at Starbiz. And I'm going to be completely honest and tell you that it's not my favorite place to work. (Not for any specific reason though. It's kind of just difficult to explain.... but you talked me into it and I shall try my best... When I was younger I would attend film shoots my Mommy and Daddy were apart of and I would get very bossed around. And I hated it. So these days, I am weary to come back on film sets because of that fear. It sounds dramatic but it's the truth. Anyway...)

Eventually I hesitantly walked into the building, and began to work. And guess what? The time flew by, I met people and made friends, and before I knew it, we were wrapped for the day! Wow. That was the fastest day EVER!

My cousin, Aria, is also working on set and so we drove home together. While she was dropping me off she said, "Hey Sash, do you want to go on a run with me?" And for some crazy reason, I heard the word 'yes' come out of my mouth. What?!? For those of you who don't know me (or do know me for that matter), I am not a runner. I've tried but have never been successful. However, 30 minutes later, Aria was picking me up and we headed to the high school track. Ladies and gents, boys and girls, I would like to inform you all that I ran TWO whole miles. That is a complete miracle for me! (Oh and we ran stairs after. Yeah, nbd. We're awesome.)

Following the eternal run, I came home, hoping to take a cold shower but found my singles ward FHE was being held at my house. So of course I was roped into that. But to my surprise, I had a splendid time making shirts for our ultimate Frisbee competition coming up. (Go Team 'Bunch Of Bananas'!)

Following the closing prayer, I ran upstairs to shower because... the Bachelorette finale was on! And when I came downstairs, Amy (Dano's cutie patootie friend), Brandon (a contestant on this week's StarBiz shoot--haha so random but so delightful--) and Aria were at my house all waiting to watch Ashley break the heart of one man and find love in another.

Two hours later and this was the result...

Yay Ashely and J.P! How exciting it is to be in love. Anywho... that was the end of my day. As I said earlier, there was no specific reason for it being amazing but that's how it turned out. And I'm not entirely sure what made it that way but if you were apart of it in even the simplicity of a friendly smile, I would like to say, thank you.


Okay, so? I kind of love this song. A lot, a lot, a lot. And I think Demi Lovato is gosh darn amazing. She's been through a lot and come out of it stronger than ever. So for all you Demi-haters, I say boo. And to all you Demi-neutrals, well that's okay. And to all you Demi-lovers, might I join your ranks? Thank you very much. And with that, I hope you enjoy, Skyscraper.

Monday, August 1, 2011

So basically...

Where am I right now?
The BYU broadcasting building.
Why? STARBIZ shoot. Week 3.
Except I'm blogging right now.
Because I have down time.
So basically... I'm being paid to blog.
So basically... I'm a professional blogger.
So basically... I have made it to the big time.
Holla back yo.

just kidding:)

PS! Wanna be on TV? Go to and sign up to be apart of the studio audience needed in the afternoon, this Wednesday! It'll be a free concert full of a singer/song writers who have workshopped, worked on, and competed their songs. You don't wanna miss it! This group is rather phenomenal.