Monday, August 15, 2011

Color Me Mine. Please.

Guess what friends? Tomorrow I am heading down to Lake Powell with Mr. C and his fam bam so before I leave, I want to leave my blog on a good note. My last post was a little intense. So. Let's talk about happy things, shall we?

10 days ago, Mr. C and I went on a date. Part of that date was to Color Me Mine. Have any of you guys been there before? It's so much fun!!! I felt like I could have spent hours in there. I want to go back asapers. But what did I paint this time, you ask? No, I will not tell you but I will show you....

Ta da!!! I am in love with it. Since it's been a little toasty for herbal tea these past few days, I have been drinking my morning orange juice in it. It's been wonderful and has started my day right each time.

Mr. C painted a unicorn... one of these days, I'll get a picture and show it to you. It's quite fantastic if I do say so myself. But ya never know, maybe I'm biased... :)

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