Tuesday, August 23, 2011


lake powell day 2
Day 2 of the Lake Powell trip was the first full day out on the lake. Was it wonderful, or was it wonderful? It was wonderful.

Melissa, Miranda, and I pumped for the lake.
Did you know it was my first time ever to Lake Powell?
Or boating for that matter?
Apparently I'm 'sheltered'.

Have you guys been tubing before?
It's the BEST!
However, I may or may not have hit my head on the water and gotten whip lash... it was intense, to say the least.
(But SO worth it.)

Holy moly.
Can you believe this view?
Nothing but lake and cliffs.
It's mind blowingly beautiful.

and for this next picture... well... this is Mr. C one month pregnant.
Is that attractive, or what?
(I dread to see what 9 months might look like.)
(wait, actually, I'm kind of intrigued rather than dreading.)

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