Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rainbow/Dinosaur Fossil/100,000,000 degrees day Day

Day 3 was Rainbow/Dinosaur Fossil/100,000,000 degrees Day.
The group of us went to Rainbow Arch, hiked a wee bit (and by wee I mean super wee) and took a picture of a Dinosaur Fossil in 100,000,000 degree fahrenheit weather.

Okay. Maybe you guys aren't loving all the pictures of the cliffs because maybe they're 1000 times cooler in person but I think they're awesome. Especially when I think about how they at one time were completely under water. Wow. That's intense. Gives me chills.

The wind picture. Everybody has them.

Mr. C took this picture. (I made him, but still.)
Good job Curbs. And thank you so very much.

Cliffs. Again. (Sorry again.) But if you look closely you can see where the water levels used to be. Wow. Where is all the water going? Sad, huh?

I'm happy. Especially because I had a juice box.

And apparently I wanted Mr. C to drink some.

Mkay. So maybe I'm a nerd but I thought this was SO cool! A real dinosaur fossil? How amazing is that?

This is Christine. Here she is showing us a picture of the dinosaur that made the fossil. Can you see it? It's multicolored!... okay so they don't know that for sure but it's still a rippin' rad hypothesis.

And finally, the long awaited picture of the group at Rainbow Arch. It was beautiful to the point of being serene, actually. I can see why it is spiritual to the Indians who used to live there.

And that's a wrap for day 3.

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