Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 4

Thanksgiving this year was at the K. Agle's house. I have been blessed to live next to my cousins for practically my entire life. Whether it be in California or Utah, we've always been about 10 minutes away from each other.
Of course, the food. was. AMAZING.
But then again, I'm a sucker for cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and even a little turkey... oh, oh, oh... and Pecan Pie. (That's right, it gets two capital P's because it's just that good.)
The bunch (minus Uncle Kenny).

Napkin holders.
The left one reminded me of Amanda Seyfried a bit.

Cutest couple award.
Dano and I are also a cute couple.
Seestas  4 lyphe.

All she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth.

I can't escape dinglehoppers.
While everyone was playing games, I found this cutie sitting on the counter eating leftover turkey.
Sometimes there are just too many grown up games.
So the kids (she and I) played barbies for about an hour.

My lovely family.
Ladies and gents, I AM SO DANG THANKFUL FOR MY FAMILY! Honestly, I don't know what or who I would be without them and I am so grateful I got to spend this holiday with them. I will forever be in their debt and I just hope to be able to live up to each and every one of  their reputations one day!

XOXO Gosh, I'm just so blessed to be a part of this bunch.
Happy belated Thanksgiving, my friends.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 3

Due to the short amount of time I had at home, I didn't get to see all my friends. In fact, I didn't get to see even close to all my friends. So that's sad. But what was happy was that a few were able to squeeze me into their schedules.
First, I visited this sweet girl (Elder Boyfriend's sister):
Plus, Elder Boyfriend's mama and papa! Driving to his house, seeing the lights at Riverwoods, and listening to Christmas music brought back so many memories. Gosh, I love this season. And Elder Boyfriend. And his family. So catching up with them was absolutely amazing and just what I needed.
Next up was my other half, my partner in crime, my co-president, my future roommate, my Miss. Chris:


Basically Stiney and I knew each other all throughout high school, had amazing times together in and then at the end of senior year we asked each other, 'Why haven't we been best friends these past four years and why aren't we best friends now?' Sooooo uhhh yeah. She's my bestie. I love her to pieces and I am so grateful that we are able to go several months without seeing each other but are able to pick up right where we left off.

Next up was DJ! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. What a great guy. This buddy of mine took me to Senior Ball in high school and has seen me at my best times and also my worst times. But my favorite thing about him is that he doesn't judge. Thanks to him, I can be myself and not worry about what people think of me.

I didn't get home til 2am which is 4am Florida time which means I was exhausted (so much for resting). Buuuuuuuut it was an amazing night. It doesn't get better than family and friends. I'm sorry to my friends who I didn't get to see but thank you to my friends who I did get to see. Maybe I'll get laryngitis again soon and I'll be able to see more of my peeps! Fingers crossed (just kidding).
Next up, Thanksgiving itself!
to be continued...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 2

I was very, very nervous to surprise my family. I know surprises aren't always the best, I mean, there's a time and a place for them and I wasn't sure if this was the time and the place.
(On a side note, I loved driving through good ol' Utah. Gosh, I had missed this place.)
When we arrived at the big blue house aka the Agle Jr. home, I nervously walked in but let Keke enter first. She walked around the corner and said hello to my Mama and then I walked around the corner and said hello too... guess what everyone. Seeing my Mama in person was one of the best things ever. It's only been 3.5 months but folks, I have really missed my fam bam. They are the best. After a hug and a brief explanation letting her know I hadn't been fired or anything, that this was just a quick visit, I went up and saw Dano who was nearly asleep but I didn't care, I wanted to see her anyway. Next was Branni boy and then my Daddy came home and then, and then, and then,.... ah. My whole family (minus Dare Bear who was at his house at the time) was under the same roof.
Wow. Words cannot express how happy I was.
I missed this big boy so much!

The next day we took a girls trip to Gardner Village, the cutest little mini mall type place that was decorated for Christmas with lots of life size elves and Christmas lights. Happy day.

I really, really, really wanted this hat.
Unfortunately, I would never have a reason to wear it.
That night, I went to my Daddy's play rehearsal for the production of 'Liken the Scriptures, The First Christmas.' It is playing at the Scera theater in the month of December and since I won't be present for the actual run of the show, I had the opportunity to see part of the first run through on stage. HEY ALL MY UTAH PEEPS!!!! You are not going to want to miss this production. It's heart warming, it's funny, it's the epitome of Christmas. Tickets are on sale now. Click HERE to purchase yours.
Mini photo shoot at Gardner Village.
These are my besties.
I'm so blessed!
Next up, I got to visit a few of my dear friends for a bit.
to be continued...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 1

I work with kids all day everyday. And as adorable as they can be, they are also little germfests. Because of this, about a month ago, I developed a cold, and then it turned into the flu. I thought I had gotten over it but all of it never really went away. Unfortunately, a couple weeks ago, I began to lose my voice. However, this wasn't like an, "Oh no, my voice is getting raspy!" but more like, "......" That's right, silence. Nothing. Because I literally had no voice. And that's kind of a problem in my line of work...

Fast forward to the doctors office, a 4 hour trip consisting of a lot of waiting, a lot of coughing, and a doctor looking down my throat and going, "WOAH," and the diagnosis was... LARYNGITIS.

Oh dear.

The doctors gave me a note saying I was excused from work for a few days because complete voice rest, medicine, and lots of hydration and rest was the only way my voice was going to come back. It's a long and complicated story full of boring details but thanks to a lot of caring and understanding managers, I was able to sort out a leave for a couple of days (I work for the most amazing company, I feel so blessed).

That night (11/19), I skyped my sweet sister for her birthday and we talked for well over 2 hours (it was more of a treat for me than for her, I'm sure). After we hung up I had an idea... I knew it was a long shot but I had to research it anyway.

If I have to rest for 3 days, why not rest at my home in... Utah? (I can't remember the last time I had three days off + it was over Thanksgiving, it was almost perfect timing... if laryngitis can be perfect... which in this case I think it can be.)

I then skyped Keke and Dare Bear and talked to them a little about this mischievous plan I had. They supported my decision, which ever direction I decided to go and because of this, I booked a flight home, set to leave 15 hours later.


I was so excited!!!! I didn't realize it until I clicked 'SUBMIT' and bought my ticket but I have really, really missed home.

Fast forward 10 hours later and I walked into the Orlando International Airport and BOOM. This is what I saw (I was so excited, I took a picture. I've always loved airports you see. They are my happy place):

Hello my fellow travelers!!!!
I then found my flight, made it through security, found the gate, and chilled for a wee bit.

And by 'wee bit', I mean an extremely long time.

This picture does not do the size of the Christmas Tree justice.
It was HA-YOUGE (huge).

Remember that one time I was supposed to leave at 4:35?
My flight didn't end up taking off til well after 6.

Look at me, I'm in the air!

My, my, my, my, I have never been so excited in my life! Keke was so sweet to pick me up from the airport and, I'm not going to lie, I ran to greet her when we met up at the terminal.
Next up, surprising my family.... oh yeah, did I mention I didn't tell my family that I was coming home???
to be continued...

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Ladies at the Castle

Please direct all comments to the princesses.

Monday, November 19, 2012

HBD Pumpkin Pie.

Happy birthday my sweet, sweet sister. Love you so much.
You deserve 25 ponies, 25 rainbows, 25 gum drops, 25 daisies, 25 happy dances and 25 hugs and kisses.
(Be sure to look for them as I will be willing them your way.)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Shoe Obsessed

Because sometimes there's a sale and I just HAVE to buy two pairs of combat boots.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

Florence the Pug

I've tried to blog a lot recently.
But whenever I do, I end up looking at pictures of pugs.
I'm going to have a pug one day.
(This has been a fact of life since the 6th grade.)
Her name will be Florence and she will be the cutest thing in the entire world.
(Well, tied with Brannigan of course.)