Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 4

Thanksgiving this year was at the K. Agle's house. I have been blessed to live next to my cousins for practically my entire life. Whether it be in California or Utah, we've always been about 10 minutes away from each other.
Of course, the food. was. AMAZING.
But then again, I'm a sucker for cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and even a little turkey... oh, oh, oh... and Pecan Pie. (That's right, it gets two capital P's because it's just that good.)
The bunch (minus Uncle Kenny).

Napkin holders.
The left one reminded me of Amanda Seyfried a bit.

Cutest couple award.
Dano and I are also a cute couple.
Seestas  4 lyphe.

All she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth.

I can't escape dinglehoppers.
While everyone was playing games, I found this cutie sitting on the counter eating leftover turkey.
Sometimes there are just too many grown up games.
So the kids (she and I) played barbies for about an hour.

My lovely family.
Ladies and gents, I AM SO DANG THANKFUL FOR MY FAMILY! Honestly, I don't know what or who I would be without them and I am so grateful I got to spend this holiday with them. I will forever be in their debt and I just hope to be able to live up to each and every one of  their reputations one day!

XOXO Gosh, I'm just so blessed to be a part of this bunch.
Happy belated Thanksgiving, my friends.

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