Saturday, December 1, 2012

Elder Boyfriend's Thanksgiving

When I went home for Thanksgiving, I visited Elder Boyfriend's family and his lovely Mama told me that a ward member in Elder Boyfriend's ward often posted pictures of him on her facebook wall. She then gave me permission to stalk her wall and steal some of the photos... so that's what I did. And this is Elder Bf on Thanksgiving!
He's so cute I'm gonna die.

I can't tell if this is for real or not... either way though, he's dashing, wouldn't you agree?
All six of these elders live in the SAME apartment. Yikes.

Glad to see he's still Aluminati obsessed.

Blue steel.
I know this face. It's mid-sentence. He's talking to the camera right now, I'd bet my life on it.

Typical Curbsy face (stuffed with food).
Hola amigo.

What a happy Thanksgiving.
In my most recent letter I received from him, he told me that he and all the elders in his apartment decided to have a competion to see who could gain the most weight from before Thanksgiving dinner to after Thanksgiving dinner... Elder Boyfriend gained 9lbs. NINE. Yeah, he won. Good job Curbs, good job. So proud.

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