Thursday, December 6, 2012


I just finished two overnights.
What are overnights, you ask?
They are when you start work at 10/11pm and finish at 6:30/7:30am.
Whuh, whuh, whuh, what??
Thanks to sleeping all day yesterday and then for 6 hours last night, I am, surprisingly, not exhausted.
But the best part of it all is that I am SO excited for what the overnights were for.
Guess who can't really discuss the details?
This girl.
But I feel so blessed to be a part of such an experience with such a great team!
None of the cast or crew took themselves too seriously and we were all able to have a great time and get a lot done.

Highlight #1: Walking through an empty park late at night with all the Christmas lights up. It makes me feel so small and when I think about it, scared even! But my goodness, was it beautiful. It's times like those that I just can't believe I'm part of something so magical.

Highlight #2: A pancake/french toast buffet at 3am. Maybe I overdosed on breakfast food, maybe I didn't... (I did).

So excited for tomorrow!
(When all of our hard work (hopefully) pays off).
PS. Today is the grand opening of The New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom!!!
If you're ever in Florida, be sure to visit Belle in her new location "Enchanted Tales With Belle" and Ariel in her grotto!

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  1. I sure wish I could visit Bell and Ariel in their new location. I bet they are fantastic!
    Grandpa Agle