Monday, December 10, 2012

"Good at stuff"

It had been a little while since I heard from Elder Boyfriend but no worries, friends, no worries whatsoever. Today I got the best letter EVER, complete with hand-drawn pictures, funny stories, and gospel insights which were AWE-EE-SUM (<<<< how I remember to spell 'awesome' in my head).

Also in his letter was a list from 1998 with the title, "10 THINGS I WANT IN MY FUTURE WIFE" at the very top. Here is what was on his list:

  1. Pretty
  2. Love me
  3. Nice
  4. Share
  5. Cool
  6. Smart
  7. Good at stuff
  8. Good cook
  9. Play with me
  10. Princess

... I laughed. A lot.

In my  head (and I'm sure in real life), witty bitty El-duh BF is uh-doh-ruh-bull (adorable), just like he is now.

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