Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nigel & Rosie

I'm sure you know my obsession with pugs. I'm so obsessed, in fact, that the majority of my birthday dinner was spent talking about them with my family and showing them pictures of my babies on Pinterest. Nice. During my embarrassing display of weakness for these adorable creatures, my Dad mentioned that he knew someone who had two pugs. Thanks Dad. I am now jealous of this random woman that I haven't ever met.

Fast forward a couple hours and right before I was about to go to bed on my birthday night, my Dad showed me a message conversation he had on Facebook with this pug acquaintance a few hours prior. The jist of it was the following:

Dad: My daughter's obsessed with pugs. Is there any way possible she might be able to stop by for a few minutes sometime this week and visit yours and ask you questions about them?
Nicest (pug) lady on Earth: Of course!

What?!?! Is this real life? Did I just win the lottery? The kind soul lottery, I think! Eagerly, I text this nice woman, set up an appointment for the next day, and could barely sleep that night. Seriously, it felt like Christmas.

FINALLY, the morning rolled in and DJ and I went to visit Rosie and Nigel. Oh my heavens, I was in heaven. I lead a very happy life and I can easily list off to you moments in my life that have made me genuinely happy and this, my friends, will go on the list. (A few other things on that list include my baptism, going to Disneyland with my family on Christmas, the Jo Bros concert with MP in 2009, getting a lead role in my school play in 10th grade, my first kiss with Mr. C, getting accepted into the Entertainment Dept. at WDW. And that's just skimming the surface. Blessed? I think yes.) This was my first interaction EVER with pugs and it just sealed the deal, I want Florence more than ever now. 

Nigel on my right, Rosie on my left.

So basically I had to force the pugs to sit with me but DJ, who didn't really care for them at the time didn't have to do anything and they just naturally gravitated towards him and wouldn't leave him.... Psh. Pug whisperer.

Thank you so much to my Daddy for setting this up, DJ for coming a long with me, and the kindest lady on Earth who was just so gracious to let two strangers in to her home and play with her babies for a few minutes. 20 was starting off pretty wonderfully... and it only got better.

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