Friday, January 15, 2010

a day for firsts.

Well folks. My birthday has past. It went by much too quickly if you ask me but I sure enjoyed myself thanks to my wonderful friends and family. They are so amazing and (I'm about to be ridiculously cliche) I do not know what I would do with out them.

My first word as a 17 year old: "Aw snap." (It was 5:30... in the morning. You'd say it too.)

My first food as a 17 year old: Frosted Mini Wheats. Gotta love em.

My first phone call as a 17 year old: From my Nana! Wishing me a very lovely birthday. Thank you Nana!

My first class as a 17 year old: English. Where my two besties, Mary and Erin bombarded me with a birthday princess crown, Ms. Birthday sash, and a pastry which was so incredibly good yet so incredibly bad for me.

My first Happy Birthday song of the day as a 17 year old: In English. After Erin and Mary left, my class realized it was my special day and broke out into a lovely rendition of the universal song that everybody knows.

My first awkward moment as a 17 year old: Going to Cafe Rio with my sister and seeing absolutely everyone I know. And I mean everyone. I know I know. It's only awkward if you make it awkward. But guess what? I made it awkward. (I go New York.)

My first LOST episode as a17 year old: SPOILER ALERT Shannon died. WHA????

My first kidnapping as a 17 year old: Mary kidapped me, blind folded me, and took me to the coolest restaurant EVER!!! (Pirate Island.)

My first matchmaking as a 17 year old: I wrote my friend's number on a $1 bill and gave it as a tip to the balloon man. She'll thank me later.

My first blog as a 17 year old: This one.

Good day for firsts, I think.

my sister and i before lunch. before i saw everybody. before i embarassed myself. major.

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