Saturday, January 9, 2010

LOST: season 1

10 things I learned from watching LOST: season 1

warning! may contain spoilers.

10. Crazy french women are crazy. Elle est folle.

9. I am only flying with somone named John Locke by my side from now on. If you get stranded on an island, he is your man. He can make pretty much anything from pretty much anything. Where oh where did he learn you could make glue from animal lard?

8. Don't wander the island alone. You will either be abducted or eaten. (Choose which one you prefer.)

7. When stranded on an island, even golf becomes amusing.

6. 9/10 of the attempts to get off the island will be sabotaged. If you prepare for it, then maybe it won't come as such a shock... Maybe.... but don't give up!

5. Sawyer will drive you crazy... until he gets his mix-matched glasses. Then you won't be abe to take him seriously. That's just the way it goes.

4. Old dynamite is very explosive. Very, very, very explosive. Like, if your name sounds something like 'Artist' and you think you've got it under control, chances are you might blow up. (And my sister will burst out laughing because, "It's just so funny!")

3. Don't fall in love with your step sibling. It doesn't matter that you both won the genetic lottery. It's a recipe for disaster.

2. You will be okay if Dr. Jack Sheppard is on your side... who you gonna call? JACK SHEPARD!!!

1. I solemnly swear to never use a certain sequence of numbers for um, anything. ANYTHING.

ps. Wanna know something cool? My sisters and I are all in LOST! One of the main characters is named Kate. (Keke- the one in NY.) The crazy french woman is named Danielle. (Dano- the one on a mission.) And the crazy french woman's child who may or may not have been abducted 16 years ago was named Alex. (Yours truly.) Woah. It's a sign.

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  1. Ahhhh I am so glad you're watching LOST. Because, it's just that good!
    It's so interesting to read all this though, because I think your opinions of things will change A LOT as things go on! Haha. But it's soooooooo good.