Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolutions!

My family plus my Mum's brother's family on New Years Eve.
I am the one with the blonde hair. It's fake, I promise.
It's a long but kinda great story.

I am going to be rather cliche and list my New Years Resolutions. Last year I only had one and I failed! So! This year I am determined to fulfill ALL my resolutions! And here my friends, is the lovely list:
  1. No chocolate!!! Oh how I love this necessary evil- and for the year of 2010 it is going to be an unnecessary evil. This was the resolution I did last year and I lasted for the entire month of January. February 4th. That was the day I had one of my Mom's famous 'Fudgie Oatmeals'. They're leathal. Now. I know, I know. No chocolate sounds super dumb but I want to do it one year in my life! So how bout now?
  2. Voice warmups at least 300 out of the 365 days this year. I beat myself up when I don't do them but I think if I allow myself some leeway then perhaps I won't, as I said moments ago, beat myself up! Voila!
  3. My final one is a little more general than the first two. How does... BE A BETTER PERSON sound! Yah? Yah? You see, when we watched the ball drop on TV last night, someting just felt good about 2010. Doesn't it just feel refreshing?

Yay for 2010. I hope it is a wonderful year for us all. xxx


  1. Good luck with your resolutions! Hope they go well.

  2. Sasha, I already think you're a "better person". Seriously, I want to be like you!