Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Kissing Scene

We have reached the time in good ol' drama class in which we do the dreaded- or not so dreaded in some cases... like everyone but me- kissing scene. It's inevitable. You have to do it. There's no getting out of it. But here's the thing. Ladies and gents, at the ripe old age of 16, I am still VL... AND IT'S GONNA STAY THAT WAY!!! Here's my logic: I don't want to tell everyone who may ever ask in the future that my first kiss was in front of 20 of my peers... and it wasn't even real!

So folks, here was the plan. It was a few days ago and I was just going to go up to the partner I had selected and say, "Is it alright if we replace the kiss with a hug?" And he was going to say, "Sure! That's fine." Amazingly perfect right? But here's how it went down. I go up to him and the absolute first thing he says to me is, "
I'm not doing the kiss!" Wow. Thanks partner. That was so... nice? What does this mean I wonder...


  1. you have to kiss in drama? oh my...since when? what drama are you in?? who is your partner?

  2. It is drama 2 and from my favorite play, "The Rainmaker." Also, I'm not positive, but I think they started doing this scene last year.