Wednesday, October 14, 2009

D.CO Date part 2

Our activity for the night was going to a haunted house. I had never been to one before and so I was extremely nervous. Good thing my date was a pro at haunted houses! Just kidding. As it turns out, we were both haunted house newbies.

My heart began to pound when from the car window I saw a scary looking woman throwing wood into a metal trash can to make fire. When we were walking to go inside the haunted house we passed her only to find she was a him. Whoops-a-daisy. Can't say I haven't done that before though.

They let us go in six at a time but because the halls were so small, we were lined up in three rows, two in each. (Madeline style.) Stuart and I somehow ended at the back which in my unexperienced mind, seemed the perfect place to be. I was dead wrong. (haha! note the pun) Apparently, if you're in the back, the clowns will follow you. And while I mention it, what is it with clowns? Why are they so scary? I have never had a problem with them before until that night. There was a whole section of the little maze dedicated to zombie clowns. It's creepy. But why clowns? Anyways, so as I was saying...

Despite the fact that Stuart would warn me about upcoming scary things because he saw the people in front of us who saw the people in the very front, I would still scream and attempt to run away thanks to my natural instincts. But I faced a problem each time: I would scream once again, and turn around to join the group because of the zombie clown following close behind us. As you can imagine, 10 minutes of this back and forth nonsense was exhausting.

The final part of the haunted house led us outside to a chain saw man. This part was an actual maze with actual left and rights and so of course, we got lost. Keep in mind, however, that the chain saw man is still chasing us. We eventually found about six other couples who were sticking together so we joined them. Finally we saw the exit and so we all started to run for it! The chain saw man began to chase our big group out of the maze which made us run faster. But I had a slight problem. My boots were a bit too big so we had to run slower than the rest of them. We must have been invisible for a moment because the evil chain saw man ran right past us and on to the rest of the group.

So picture this: A group of 12 people screaming and running for their lives out of the maze, the chain saw man chasing them, and Stuart and me chasing him. I'm sure that was a sight to see. In fact, I have drawn an illustration just for you:

click to enlarge for full effect

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