Wednesday, October 14, 2009

D.CO Date part 1

Last Friday night, my school's Dance Company did something called, a "D.CO date." This is where all the girls have to ask a boy on a date. After that experience, I am so grateful I am a girl and generally don't have to do the asking.

The boy I was originally going to ask was going to be out of town the night of the date and for a while there, I had no idea what I was going to do. Here's the thing, I feel like I have a lot of guy friends, but when it came down to it, I didn't feel like I had any!

So it was one week before the date and I was at rehearsal for the school musical- (and keep in mind I had just come from dance so I was hot, gross, and I smelt like... well frankly, dance.) when I saw my friend Stuart. I had met him through the production of a Shakespeare play last year. "I'LL ASK HIM!!!" I thought. So immediately, I crossed the room and said,

The Shakespeare Production,
Taming of the Shrew
where I met my friend, Stuart

"Hey Stuart. You. Me. Friday. Date."
"Of course." he said.
"K, see ya" and I left. And as I walked by him to leave, someone opened the door for me and wind rushed through my hair and hot dang- I looked liked a model. Also, I made sure not to say the time I was going to pick him up because they never do that in the movies, and that was that.

Ladies and gents, I wish that was how it happened. Psych. Actually, I immediately crossed the room, without having a speech laid out of how I was going to ask and I just began talking.

"Hey Stuart. Are you going to be around this coming Friday? Because I was wondering if you wanted to come on the D.CO date with me." He looked at me very strangely-- like, very strangely, and then I realized, he probably didn't know what D.CO was! I carried on, "D.CO is dance company. It's a dance company date. Do you want to come?" (Don't forget I was talking a million words per second.) After a short pause, (I think he was processing what I had just said) he said, " Sure that would be fun." "THANK YOU!!! YOU ARE A LIFESAVER. I APPRECIATE THIS SO MUCH!" I was so relieved and apparently I couldn't help but show my relief. Way to be cool Sasha. Way to be cool.

After I had just realized how desperate I must have looked I said the three emergency words: "Okay! Thanks! Bye!" and I ran out the door, went home, and had a cookie.

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