Thursday, August 13, 2009


The time at the bottom of my posts is wrong.
It is 5:55am and I cannot sleep.
That's cruel--
especially considering I made an effort to go to bed early (for summer) last night.
I went up at 11:00. 11:00!
I last looked at the clock at 12:52 last night.

I have tried counting sheep and it is boring and reminds me of work too much.
(No, I do not count sheep at work but I definitely count.--
15-20 seconds for ONE person. Oh it is lovely.)

The early hours have reminded me of when I was an itty bitty child.

I would yell at the top of my lungs if I had a bad dream.
Keep in mind, I shared a room with my two sisters
and it was normally about 3 am.
Sometimes it was my Mom who came to the rescue of a nightmare.
Other times it was Daddy.

They would assess the situation and if the dream was bad enough,
(which I always hoped it was-)
they climbed into bed next me and would ask me questions.
(I liked the company.)

Like this:
Name your top ten favorite ice cream flavors
Name your favorite five rides at Disney Land
and so on....

And when I would finish with the task they gave me,
they had normally fallen asleep.
But I ask you,
Do 4 year olds mind waking up their dear, dear parents?

So I would nudge them awake and they would ask me more questions
until finally, finally, finally
I would...




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  1. at least you could make this funny and cute drawing!