Sunday, August 2, 2009

face planting fun.

Today was a picture less day. But don't cry! It was a great one. We went to church at our old ward and saw a lot of old friends- some who I haven't seen in five years! After church we went to visit my uncle and his family and had a rather amazing, award deserving and scrumptious mumtious lunch.

This evening, I lost a game of cards. boo. And now we are watching Stardust. (Basically it's a kind-of-sort-of remake of Princess Bride)

And though all of this is extremely exciting, I must tell you a story of yesterday's Papa-face-plant.

For some reason, my dad had the urge to play a game on our boogie boards that went like this: Sit on the boogie board on the shore. When waves come, don't let your feet touch the sand. Pretend you are riding a bucking bull. It's a fun game! You look a little funny while doing it but it's enjoyable so okey dokey.

Dad was standing on his boogie board and I was sitting. A wave came and KABAM. Goodbye Dad. Hello face full of sand.

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