Saturday, August 8, 2009

Julie & Julia & me

I hereby give myself permission to write about a feel good movie one day late.

Two words and one symbol:

I haven't enjoyed a movie as much as I did this one for a very long time. Of course I've seen great movies recently but none as heart felt as this one. Plus I laughed an uncountable amount of times. Side ache.

I knew it was going to be phenomenal the moment I read Nora Ephron's name on the big screen. She has written four of my favorite movies. FOUR! In no particular order, they are...
  1. Sleepless in Seatle
  2. You've Got Mail
  3. Bewitched and now...
  4. Julie & Julia
Okay enough chit-chat. I'm sure you are wondering what the movie is even about! Let me tell you. Julia Child is middle aged woman who doesn't quite no what to do. Julie Powell is turning 30 and unhappy with being unnoticed in her life. Julia Child's story takes place in Paris, France in the 1950's. Julie Powell's story takes place in Queens, New York in good ol' 2002. So how on earth are these stories connected? Wow. It's quite fascinating. You see, Julia, who becomes a well established
cook, and author of her very own cook book later on in her life, inspired Julie to cook all of her recipes in one year and write A BLOG. a blog a blog a blog!!! I digress. This movie moved me and I'm sure the entire theater!

It's so complex and yet so simple. Those are the best kinds of movies you know.

Ps! There's a book. Im so reading it. Barnes & Noble. Now.

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