Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Remember that one time on Curtis' birthday when he went to school and I went to the elderly center? Well it was called 'Jamestown.' And I loved it! did a few of our numbers for them.
ps. as a side note, I've had several dreams about it since. what does it mean, i wonder...

here we are in our closet, i mean, dressing room. it was TINY.
how come all dancers are pretty? like really, they're all just so gorgeous, i can't hanle it!

our audience was too cute.

brookie's dance

nomer's dance

sav's human stair case.

sav's lift.


and as a bonus, hannah and jenna wore matching dresses that day... unplanned!

it was a VERY good final performance as a dancer:)Add Image

thank you jamestown.

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