Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the final recital.

Last night I had my last voice recital. Ever. It as a great experience however, I was a little too sick for my likings and I had the hiccups for most of the day so... that was rough. Not gonna lie. But the show must go on! So I spent most of the days leading up to it on voice rest (which was really, quite lonely to be honest. I don't recommend it.) And when it came time for my three songs, it wasn't full voice but it was decent.

Enough criticizing myself! I truly need to thank my WONDERFUL voice teacher. Truly, it has been an amazing few years and I am so grateful for her time, talent, and patience. Love you, Sister C!

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  1. I know you were disappointed to be sick, but regardless, as always, you sang and performed beautifully! (You are the one who has been patient with ME:)) So sorry I've never been able to play all of your songs as well as YOU deserved. Keep singing and bringing joy to all. Love you!