Monday, May 9, 2011

my lover in the white truck.

I have a lover. (Intrigued?) And what his name is, I do not know. (Even more intrigued?) But I do know that he drives a white truck. (HOT.) Just kidding:) Let me fill you in a little more...

So here I am, driving home from school, singing along to 'All the Pennies' by Mindy Gledhill and out of the corner of my eye, I notice a car driving right along side me. Finding this peculiar, I slowed down. The car beside me did as well. And so I sped up. Guess what the car next to me did? That's right, he sped up too. So I look over. And I come to the conclusion that I do not know the young man driving beside me. But he smiles anyway. Odd. So I do as well and continue driving.

As I'm trying to get home in a timely manner, I continue to sing to myself, softly humming along to the cutie-pie melody, and I realize the white truck is still next to me. Is there something wrong with my car? I wonder. So as I pull up to a light, I look over.

"Hi," he mouths through the window.
"Hi," I mouth back.
"What's your name?" he asks.
"No," I say, with a smile, but shaking my head. (I wasn't about to give my name to a stranger, you see.)
"No?" he thinks about it for little bit, "Okay No. What's your number?" he says, holding up his phone. I laugh and feel myself begin to blush. (Pretending my name was 'No' was pretty cute, not gonna lie...)
"Sorry," I say with a smile, "I can't."
"Aww, I tried."
I reply by giving a friendly nod and a shrug of the shoulders and say, "Yeah."

And with that, the light turned green and I drove away, childishly giggling the whole way home. That was fun. He was cute and kind. And I appreciate cute and kind people.

So, my white truck lover, thank you for having two of the qualities that I admire most. And thank you for making my day. I hope you find someone, somewhere, someday soon, who's name isn't No, and actually gives you their number. You deserve it.


  1. nice story... i also like when such an unusual stuff happens... it is like... not like always.
    Anyway, it was very interesting to read this small¨ romance ¨ without a happy ending (happy endings are the best)

    I´m definitely following you... you can visit me sometimes... I´m not such a good writer as you are... but anyway!!!