Sunday, May 1, 2011

dance company: i love you.

Where oh where have I been this past century?! Well, I shall tell you: I had rehearsal, after rehearsal, followed by Centennial Day, along with region a cappella, tw0 final dance concerts, state solo ensemble, and last but not least, prom.

Let's start with... dance shall we? I am finished. Done. Forever... :( But the final two concerts were AMAZING. I have never felt so confident and proud in a performance. I am so very grateful and honored to dance with such wonderful girls, who I will never forget. (Cheesy, much? Yes... but I don't care. It's the truth. And for the record, I like cheese.)

Here's the quick run down of the week:
Saturday the 23rd was tech. Fun.
Monday was tech and PSYCH NIGHT. What's PSYCH NIGHT, you ask? Why, it's where gets PSYCHED for concert week! It includes yummy treats, chit-chatting, and prep for the busy week ahead of us.

aubs and i had matching sweatshirts at psych night. cute.

Tuesday was double dress rehearsal. This is self explanatory. Lots and lots of stopping and going the first run through, dinner break, and then the second run through with no stopping. Just all going. To sum it up in one word... exhausting.

centennial and tech rehearsal. goody goody gum drops!

Wednesday was Centennial Day! Ya know, the day we perform our concert over and over for the P.E classes. Fun! But really... I do enjoy it. It helps us get our dances down solid, and is also fun to have multiple audiences.

this picture describes my excitement for concert.

Thursday was opening night! I had so much support that night: Mama, Katie, the American grandparents, Dano and her date, Scottie, Markie and his date, Amy, Curbs, Alyssa (Shawn), Mary, and Rachel. Woohoo!!!! Thank you family! Thank you friends! I love you ALL!!!!!

fellow seniors. i luh you!

Friday was closing night. Booo:( As sad as it was though, it was also amazing. And guess what? I had support that night as well! Mama, Dano, Katie, Daren, Janna, Curbs (again), Sister Boyer, Katelyn, Stuart, and Eve. (my DEEPEST apologies if I have forgotten anyone!) But guess what else? I love you all too!!

yogurt land. partyin, partyin, YEAH!

mandy's casa. we were tired. but look at my face! scary.

That evening went to Zuppa's and Yogurt Land. Followed by partyin' and The Notebook. At 2:15, I looked at my phone, realized the time, groaned, and drove home because I remembered that morning I had state solo ensemble at 7am. Nice. So after receiving a kiss on the forehead from Mandy Sue and giving a birthday hug to Christine Rachelle, I safely drove home in the wee hours of the morning.

And that's a wrap for concert week. And :( But thank you girls, for giving me such an incredible experience these past two years. You are all amazing and have blessed my life in ways you don't even know. Love you:)

ps. all pictures were stolen from mandy sue. she is our resident paparazzi. so thank you mandy sue. i love you! (ps i just rhymed. rad.)

psps. up next? prom. stay tuned.


  1. i love my alex agle! d co never ends!

  2. I'm so so sad I couldn't make it to your concert this year. But it sounds like it turned out fabulous and I'm happy you went out on a high note:)