Tuesday, May 3, 2011

flowers: i love you.

After a long, long, long, day of school, I came home only to be surrounded by the beautiful aroma of FLOWERS. Mmmm! I love the smell of flowers. You see, for both the dance concert and prom, I received a lot of flowers. (And a BR headband. Yay!) My friends and family are just too nice to me! And because of this, I would like to express my thanks to them and show you all, the little pieces of nature I have in my room at this time.

Here we go:

this bunny and these flowers are from my dear friend, Janna.
thank you Janna!

these pretty flowers ('daisies are the friendliest flower') are from Curbs on the first night he came.
thank you Curbs!

these flowers are from Curbs the second night he came.
thank you Curbs! (again)

these beauties are from sav, my secret sister. aww!
thank you sav!

this beautiful flower is from Mary.
thank you Mary!

these beautiful flowers are from Daren, katie's boy.
thank you Daren!

And then! Today in the middle of English class, a rose gets delivered to me from a teacher who had a dance choreographed about her life. (the theme was 'a day in the life'...) It was so thoughtful, I just feel overwhelmed by the kindness of those in my life. So flowers, gifts, or not, thank you, world. For being truly amazing to me. You are all the best.

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  1. this is really very sweet, but.. why everyone is giving you flowers?
    P.S: it´s awesome... I also want flowers)))