Thursday, May 26, 2011

the final date.

One of the perks of being on dance company are the famous dates. On this last date, we had a BBQ, then a picture scavenger hunt, and finally a movie at Megan's. What a wonderful night!

guess who i took? shocker...
future president and past president

mid sweedish fish.

ps im lovin joce in the back.

sorren and curtis

chris and creed.

let me tell you a little about creed. he had should surgery a couple days before and was on quite a bit of pain killers... it was a hillarious night, to say the least.


bennet, amy, joce, will

the group

1. take a picture with an animal statue.

2. take a picture holding hands on a swing

3. take a picture in a store window.

4. take a picture doing the splits on an escalator.

5. take a picture with a worker at McDonalds.

6. take a picture jumping on a trampoline. (please note my spidee jump.)

7. take a picture doing a High School Musical jump in front of the temple. (please note Chris' spidee jump this time.)

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