Saturday, March 14, 2009


sneaky, sneaky me...

"Open your mouth," my sister said. "I haven't put them in yet!" I replied. My sister Katie and I always had an ongoing fight about vitamins. Flinstone vitamins. Every day after breakfast, I was forced into putting Fred Flinstone in my mouth. They were chalky and nasty and small. Scary and disgusting and mandatory. When I was finished with breakfast I had a routine. Never on my life was I going to eat such vulgar things. I would walk in front of my Dad and pop tem in my mouth. Then I would go on my bottom bunk bed and spit them out down the side. Once I came out of my room my sister Katie would always say, "Open your mouth." "No" was always my reply. You see, she wanted to check if my tounge was purple- for that was my worst enemy, Fred's color. When I would not open my mouth she would go to a higher authority. Dad. "Daddy! Sashy won't open her mouth and so I don't think she ate her vitamins!" "Let her be." my Dad would reply. I knew I had always like him for I had won. I conquered my sister and my father. Day after day I felt on top of the world.

A few weeks later, my Mom was making my bed when she reached down to straigten the sheets when OHMYHEAVENS. She felt something fuzzy down the side. 'What was it?' she wondered. My question is, Did she really want to know? Well, apparently she did because when she pulled out the bed she found soggy, month-old vitamins. She gathered them all up and put the in a bowl. That bowl was waitng for me when I came home from school. "You can eat these all before Dad gets home or your grounded." she said. I have never made a quicker decision before in my life. Grounded was I, for two weeks! Ok kids. The moral of this story is EAT YOUR VITAMINS! You will grow up big and strong and who wouldn't like that?

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