Thursday, March 5, 2009


my BEAUTIFUL cousin Aria and I

You know those days that are just bleh? The days that have no other words to describe them? Like, I didn't take risks and I didn't do anything close to check off things on my life list. I didn't make new friends or try new foods. I didn't laugh so hard water came out of my nose, I didn't cry... for any reason (happy or sad, or even allergies), and I didn't take a step closer to my dreams and hopes.
I did not live in the moment. I existed. I went to my class avoiding unnecessary contact with my peers, sitting in the desks staring blankly at the teacher, hearing the bell, and exiting quickly out of the class room. I repeated this four times today.
But life is not over, I had no reason whatsoever to be this way, and I have no intention to be that way tomorrow. At 4:45 am tomorrow morning, I am going to wake up and smile. I am going to do geometry and smile. I am going to try-out for my school's choir and smile. I am going to dance my heart out next, stuff my face after, and learn about the human body last. Sounds like a great day right? Well it won't be over because it's FRIDAY tomorrow. Blessed, blessed day. Then there's the after school activities, hanging with friends, family and uh, food. And then there's Saturday and restful Sunday.


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