Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I wish.

Today has been the kind of day that makes me wish I could be a pro-wrestler. I could use a few punching bags. It is so hard to care about people when the people you are attempting to care about do not care for other people themselves. It's hardest though, when I try to be happy or, at the least pleasant, when you are surrounded with vain people.

I, I, I
Me, Me, Me

This advice is for me too. I realize that, but will it ever end?! It gets on my nerves. Why? Because what good does it do anybody if we are only concerned for ourselves? You can not do anything alone. Nothing! We all need each others help, we all need each others support and last but not least, we need to respect each other. I wish beyond all wishes that we could all have the same view on things. I wish we all knew what we wanted to achieve so that we could help each other on the way.

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