Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today I was thinking about the good ol' days back in Glendale. I was thinking about our little back yard. Can you call it that? Probably not because it was more like a strip of dirt behind our house. But I enjoyed it none the less. I thought of the many times I tried to create a fairy town but I always got stumped with the fairy pool. I would dig a hole and put water in it but in two minutes, the water would be gone. I could never figure out where it went. (Absorption was not in my vocabulary at that time.) So I would get the hose and refill it, go back to working on the fairy huts and visit my pool once again to find it empty. I gave up many times.
Katie and I playing dress up
My thoughts also wandered back to recess in elementary school. I would, believe it or not, chase the boys. Is that terrible? I'm sorry but it was fun! Now that I think about it.... those poor boys! I can just imagine them, terrified for their lives, running from crazy me. And believe me, I would stop at nothing. I eventually found ALL their hiding places.
I am pleased to report I do not chase boys anymore. I guess you could say I went through a phase- but a phase that is VITAL in growing up.

So. I just got home from visiting a rest home. When I was in primary, we went to one and I saw some nudity, done on accident of course, and I have not been to one since. Tonight I made friends with Laurie, Ruth and Barbra. They are delights! It was apparent that Barbra loved America with a passion. And Ruth! Wow, Ruth loved Bingo. And sweet Laurie, knew everything about Ruth and Barbra. It was so fun to hear their stories. I wish I could have stayed all night listening to their tales.
When I am older, I hope I repeat things many times to my friends. I hope I love my country (wherever that may be) as much as they obviously do. And most of all, I hope I am not lonely like they are not. Katie said that when she is 74, (Barbra's age) she hopes to eat as many cookies conscience free as she wants. I think that's something to look forward to.

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  1. Hey, this is Jennie. That picture looks like how I remember you! So little! Those really were good days!