Monday, March 16, 2009


me and keke

I am sitting at the computer right now thinking about just how great my day was today.

Exhibit A: Although I couldn't sleep til 11:00pm last night I woke up this morning at 4:45am ready to conquer the world. That my friend is a great feeling.

Exhibit B: My class watched my seminary teacher's wedding video today in class because we were TALKING ABOUT MARRIAGE. Don't worry, we fit it into the lesson. It was so funny to see him 21 years ago. He had hair!

Exhibit C: I understood the theorems taught in math today! And my student teacher is having a baby in July! That's exciting right?

Exhibit D: We practiced our songs in choir and perfected them as much as we could for the performance that was this evening. There's something about a choir that just gives me chills to think about. Think about it! A group of people are all blending, their unique voices to become one. How awesome is that?!

Exhibit E: I love dance class. Period. What else can I say? I love to dance, I love my teacher, I love my friends in that class... I just love it.

Exhibit F: Lunch is one of the greatest times of the day, especially today. We sat outside and sunbathed. It made me happy.

Exhibit G: We did worksheets in science today. Yuck right? WRONG. Believe it or not, it was pretty interesting....

Exhibit H: I had rehearsal today. It is so much fun spending time with friends and people who enjoy your passion for acting. (Dude! I totally said that in the school newspaper for the school play!)

Exhibit I: I had THREE slices of pizza today for dinner because I was so happy we had pizza!

Exhibit J: The choir concert went really well and everyone sang so beautifully. Our choir director, Mr. Larsen, really is great at what he does. Everyone sounded super. OH! and my friends sang solos in 'The Lion King' medley. They were great!

Exhibit K: When I came home I was hungry and what is the best thing to have at 8:00 at night? Fudgy oatmeals that's what. My mom's non-secret recipe that is the best dessert ever. I should not have had it so late but what's better then chasing down pizza (devoured a few hours previous, I might ad) then with a fudgy?

Exhibit L: My eyes are getting droopy as I type this because of my late night last night which means perhaps I have an early night in store tonight! Woopee!

So although I am EXHAUSTED and perhaps a little full, the sun is still going to rise tomorrow and new 'exhibits' will come my way. Perhaps I will even be someone elses exhibit.

On a side note: Tomorrow I have a scene to do in drama that I am having the HARDEST time with. I cannot seem to memorize the lines! Ah! It's so frusturating. However! I shall be victorious! Tomorrow, me, 5th period.... this scene is going DOWN!!!! wish me luck!

peace on the earth for generations -"fred"

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