Saturday, March 28, 2009


Let me tell you about the adventures of A.M.A (Alyssa, Mary, Alexandra) on the night of March 28th: Once upon a time on a dark and stormy night... (minus the dark and stormy part)
....I went over to my friend Alyssa's house where Mary was around 9. We started by decorating our shoes. Hooray! They turned out so cool!!! I'm wearing my (hand-made sharpie) shoes on Monday and Tuesday. I'm pumped.
About half way through, we stopped our designing and went to Days... at 10:30 PM! What is this madness you ask? I still don't know. We put on our coats and walked the couple blocks singing made up musicals.
We like to sing. Plus, Mary's a good rhymer. When we got to Days we browsed the aisles for a few minutes debating whether to get chocolate or fruit. I wanted pasta but that was out of the question. We didn't get anything because before we knew it, it was 10:45 and apparently the curfew in that neighborhood is 11:00 and none of us particularly wanted to tell police officers why we were singing made up songs in our pajamas and coats so late as we wandered the streets, (sidewalks- but still) so we walked home. We got to her front lawn about 6 minutes before 11:00 and so Alyssa and I laid down on her front lawn and star gazed for 4. We went in at 10:58 because Mary was freezing. She needs to eat more ravioli.
After that we went back on Alyssa's bed and continued to sharpie our shoes. We put on 'Runaway Bride' but I honestly can't tell you too much about it because I fell asleep after Julia Roberts changed Richard Geere's hair color. Hmm...
I hope he got it back to normal. Those were pretty bright colors.
Apparently I was out by one and they were out by thr
ee. Now it is 10:00 and I am exhausted. I wonder why... actually I don't wonder why. I know exactly why. (see story above)

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  1. HAHA. Oh yes this was so fun! And you need to eat more tortellini!