Saturday, March 21, 2009

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I wasn't going to do this but somebody asked for it so here we go: This is my post for guys: I don't have much to say on the subject matter because I am not a boy-hater but I do have a few things in mind.

First, (this sums up a large amount of my bullets) don't be a creeper. Let's say, for example, you think the girl who sits next to you in science is attractive. What are you going to say? Think about it. Well I can tell you, you don't say 'Hey baby. What's kickin'?' Pretty sure that screams creeper/stalker. So I'd go more with the, 'Hey. How are you?" and be genuine. Care about the things you talk about. Find links into each others lives that connect you so that you actually have something in common. Too vague? Here's an example:
  1. Boy: Hi
  2. Girl: Hello
  3. Boy: How are you?
  4. Girl: Just fine.
  5. Boy: So what do you like to do?
  6. Girl: Ummmm.... I like horse back riding.
  7. Boy: Really? That's so cool. I've never been!
  8. Girl: That's terrible!
  9. Boy: Yah...
  10. Girl: We should go sometime!
  11. Boy: YAH!
Ok. Maybe that was a little too perfect but I think you get the general idea. In line 5, the boy asked a genuine question and truly wanted to know the answer. In line 7, the boy made a connection, in this case he had never been. Beware of line 9. The boy almost caused an awkward moment. But last but not least, the girl decides that is boy is actually nice and takes the initiative. That step could go either way but do not invite yourself to hang out. For example, a bad scenario would be if the boy asked to go horse back riding. Yah.... no.

Next is hygiene. The way you look and smell for that matter, is vital. I am in no way saying that you have to all be body builders or shop in the mens department of Nordstrom's. All I mean is don't look unclean. Take pride in the way you look. Comb your hair Also, showering is a good thing. I highly recommend doing it at least every day.

Third, shivery is not dead. Gentlemen. Gentlemen. Gentlemen. Please be gentlemen... men who are gentle. Take time to open doors, say please and thank you and give sincere compliments. It does wonders every time. Also, I think manners are important, even when there are no girls around. For instance, don't watch your language just around girls. Do it all the time. That way, nothing will ever slip and no discernment will have to be discerned. Does that make sense? ps: don't be gross.... EVER. Testosterone is not an excuse.

A quick note, girls kind of.... get hurt I guess when a boy flirts with them and then immediately flirts with someone else. I don't know how best to avoid that because getting to know people is good but it's just something to think about....

Last tip: a girl can tell the true colors of a boy by the way he treats his family and pets. Do you kiss your mom goodnight? Are you respectful to your father? Do you refrain from annoying your older siblings? Do your younger siblings look up to you? Do you treat your pets nicely? I once heard the way a guy treats his mom is the way he will treat his wife, and the way a guy treats his pets is the way he will treat his children.

Finally, you boys are GREAT! Don't ever let a girl make you think otherwise. All girls are not necessarily nice. There are a lot of blunt people in the world who will say what they think, when they think, and how they think, with out considering other peoples feelings. A girl should not define you or make you feel bad about yourself. Remember YOU are the one who decides how you feel. Don't let others sway you.

ps. girls like boys who smile. try it sometime. it's good for your health.

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