Tuesday, March 10, 2009


the dreaded cupboard... why am i smiling? tsk tsk tsk

I quietly sit at the high table doing my homework, perhaps with an occasional text every now and then. I focus and concentrate on conjugating french verbs. Je suis, Tu es.... suddenly I find myself standing in front of the food cupboard. Darn it. How did I end up there? While I am thinking how much more I would enjoy dinner if I didn't snack before hand, my arm reaches out. 'Stop that!' I tell it. Shame on that arm. 'Be healthy... and a good child.' I tell myself. That's just too bad because pretty soon I have stuffed a brownie in my mouth. Geese Louise. That's what I get for uncontrollable reflexes. I really don't get how I do it. It's a gift... anybody want it?

It's amazing how doing something I love changes my mood completely. Believe it or not, I am not always a happy person! ;) I was having one of those days. Nerve days. Everything was annoying me. oops. So I go to voice and I am happy to finally sing (I have been sick for a WHOLE month!) and BAM! Life is good. I love it. I loved it. Remember a few seasons ago in American Idol, Elliot Yamin's big thing was, "Sing it like 'Yamin' it!" Well unfortunately, my last name is not Yamin and so can I change it to "Sing it like you mean it!" Is that ok? Well that's what I like to do.

tra la la

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