Friday, April 17, 2009

Almond Tree

What's new in my life? Mini Spooners. These are not your normal Frosted Mini Wheats. These are much more powerful. Oh my delish. I have a decent size bowl, poor a good amount of milk over the top and let them sit for a bit. Not too long though, if too soggy, the sugar on top may come off. It needs just the right amount of squish when you chew it. It sounds detailed and tricky but I promise you it will be well worth it.

Yesterday was state drama. I think we did very well. It was the smallest stage in the history of... the world and so I hardly did any dancing at all. (my role is a gypsy and apparently they dance so there you go) At one part, I was running across the stage when an introduction was made. Thigh meet sedan chair, sedan chair meet thigh... BRUISE! Ow. It hurt so bad. But the show must go on! However, I only had probably 10 more seconds left on stage so I managed.

On the bus ride up and down, my friend and costumer leant me her book. It is called Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I am not sure how much I should tell you about it because I do not want to give too much away. I want it to be your own experience. I must warn you however, it is a little heavy. Normally I gravitate towards light books but for some reason, not this time. I only got to page 110 and so I am hoping to go down to Barnes and Noble today to pick it up.

On a lighter note, I have had this yearning from deep, deep down inside of me to go shopping! I can't stand it. I must go! However, I cannot go becuase I am broke. (the life of a teenager) It is a rather frusturating feeling to only be able to window shop yet go no further. I was looking online yesterday and I found one of the coolest pencil skirts I have seen in a long time. It has been going fast. Yesterday, small, medium and large were available. Now large is the last size available which means I am not the only who likes it. Dang it. However, all hope is not lost because also on XX1, I found these boots and I fell in love with them in mili seconds. How divine!!!!

Before I leave, check out these photos from my sissy in NY!!!

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