Friday, April 3, 2009


Hello lovalies! How are you all this beautiful day? (at least to me it is- rain is my friend) Let me introduce you to my family. Have I ever done that? Hmm...

First up is head of the house: Father. He is super! (said in a french accent) He actually has his own blog. Check it out at . Yes, we are a blogging family. So he is very rad and i love him
Next is the other head of the house: Mother. She's British! and practically perfect in every way if I do say so myself. She moved over here when she married my Dad and has lived over here since... and anytime she says she wants the family to move to England I will be first on the plane. I think it is so beautiful over there! Goodness me.
Oldest sister: Danielle. She is a cutie. She graduates BYU at the end of this month and is now a special education teacher. She loves her job and I love her so thinks are pretty much grand. ps she is going on a mission very soon. That's 18 months without my eldest sister! AHH!
Middle sister: Katie. She is graduating high school this year. And then she is going to college far, far away ;( sad day!!!

"why you want to leave me?" -my big fat greek wedding

Last is me... but you already know about me. However I can still tell you about Abish and Bunny!

Abish is our golden lab. She is 5 years old and -we just found out today- has arthritus! Poor baby. We have doggie medicine now and she'll get all better!
Bunny is my bunny. (Clever name eh?) She is 6 years old and I 'lauf' her. We also took her to the vet today and she has rug burns on the heels of her back feet from hopping on the carpet all the time and so she has purple bandages on! Sad but she is ever so cute!

So yes. That is me, well us really.

if you look closely, you can see bunny's purple bandage

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