Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Dear Emily, Kaylee, Skyelin and Austin,

I loved seeing your mixed choir today! I did not know you were going to be competing and it was a real treat. It gives me a WHOLE 'nother appreciation for what you all do at your high school. Keep up the good work guys! You sounded great!


Dear Brooke,

Thanks for letting me chill with you today! I loved learning the muscles with you. Let's ace the test tomorrow! Those unpronounciable words are going DOWNNNNNNNNNNNNN! You're great!


Dear Mary,

Come back soon. I do not like school with out you. Come back soon. Now is not the time for hitting golf balls. Come back soon. Eat lots of food while you're on va-cae. Come back soon. Also, smooch lots of boys. Oh wait... you are underage. Come back soon. I'm not worried, at least you'll be the right age on July 4th! Come back soon. Do you know whose concert we're going to? Come back soon. Do ya? Come back soon. Of couse you do! Come back soon. We spent an hour standing in line in the fa-reeeezing weather for those tickets. Come back soon. I'm pumped. Come back soon. GET PUMPED! Come back soon.


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