Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Dance. Hot. Tiring... EXHAUSTED! Ok, so after dance is lunch and so I was extremely thirsty. Parched is more like it.

jai soif, jai soif, jai soif, Is all I kept thinking. Anyways, so after I had finished my caprisun and realized I had forgotten my waterbottle I decided to go to the vending machine for a vitamin water or lemonade. I originally was going to wait for my sister to get back to school from having lunch at her friends house but about two minutes before the bell rings, (12:46 and approximately 50 seconds)I decided to go with out her. I didn't want either of us to be late-- I didn't want to go with out her though because I felt like I needed moral support, because my fear is that the machine is going eat my money. And then what am I going to do? Stand there like an idiot, getting angry and kicking the poor thing and such? I think not!

So I see a lovely pink lemonade in the vending machine and ohmystars I can just feel it going down my throat. Fabulous. So I put my George Washington in and push the letter and number: C6. And I wait... and wait.... and wait! THE VENDING MACHINE ATE MY MONEY!!!!!!! Do you want to know what I did then? Let me tell you, I started:

stomping, kicking, hitting.
yelling, scratching, and most deffinitely biting.

I was furious. I needed this pink lemonade! And then, after ramming it several times with my backpack, it came out. And I was hydrated.

JUST KIDDING!!!!!! Fooled ya! I would never ever do that. I think that crosses the line a little bit. I did wait... and wait.... and wait but when nothing came out I hurried to class and was still tardy. That's right, you heard me, a tardy for nothing. No drink, no dollar in my pocket, and deffinitely no biting.


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