Saturday, April 18, 2009


Today my bestie/cousin came over, Aria. She is so great and rather gorgeous if I do say so myself. We were going to watch a movie but then we started chatting and didn't stop. Eventually I was going through my purse and found money. That is a great feeling- finding money you didn't know you had. So what did we do? We went tanning. Ok, ok. Some may feel that fake'n bakers are terrible people and should be condemned but can I just say they are not! Well I guess now it is we are not. It was quite fun and I will not soon forget it!

So I was kind of nervous at first because I was worried I would feel claustrophobic in the booth, however, I learned that it does not completely swallow you up. It is open near the head and feet. So first we had this really nice lotion that we put on first that protected your skin. It smelt SO good! I wanted to eat it.
Eventually I pushed start and climbed in. The most thrilling part for me was the eye protectors. If you have ever seen A Cinderella Story with Hillary Duff and Chad Michael Murray, you will know what I'm talking about. Hillary Duff's step-mom wears the tanning glasses for a second and it is very scary to be frank. I put mine on and looked in the mirror. Thankfully I did NOT take a picture. It was a scary and pretty embarassing. I digress! So here I am, in the booth, listening to the radio behind me when the air gets hot. I need cool, fresh, hydrating air, and so I lift up the top and darn it, my hand brushes the radio and it stops. But I'm really confused because the power light is still on. I am not radio savy and so I don't really mind.
'Oh well,' I think to myself, 'My 18 minutes is probably close to being finished anyways.' Well let me tell ya, it was not! Those may have been the longest 18 minutes of my life. I look up to the light bulbs and see the company name, SWIFT on them and so I start humming Taylor Swift songs but that eventually gets boring. After a few minutes of listening to silence, I open the lid and check to see what was wrong. I had tapped the CD button. So I tapped the RADIO button and all was good.
Near the end it got very warm and I was a little concerned to be honest. However, the lights eventually turned off and I got out, very eager to see my new shade of bronze. I looked in the mirror and what did I see???? Nothing. Dang it. 'I should have known first time tan-ners dont get tan.' I thought. Oh well. I was just happy I got more freckels and to be completely honest, I felt like I had just laid in the sun at the beach. Life was SO good.

It has been five hours and I am burnt... bad. What I thought previously was false. First time tan-ners DO get tan. Actually I just lied again. They get burnt... it just takes a few hours.

the inevitable tanning bed glasses

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  1. Sasha, you make me happy. I dont know if you know this but my wife follows your blog..and if you're ever bored ,drop by hers...she keeps our family pretty up to date..