Wednesday, April 8, 2009


My dad picked up my uncle from the airport today. He had just returned from Haiti. Yes. Haiti. As in, where exactly is that? Well, it is next to the Domican Republic, and sort of Florida. Vague but the best I can do. Back to my uncle. He came back from his trip with stories that my dad told me and they were heart breaking. I cannot believe there are people in the world with such conditions. It blows my mind because TOO many times I think that everyone's conditions are like the my little home town-- which I know they are not but it is a sub-concious thought I seem to have often.
As I was listening to the stories my uncle had told m Dad who was telling me, I thought back to 8th grade when all I wanted to do was become a doctor and join the W.H.O. I wanted to help those in need. It made perfect sense to me.... people need help! But since I didn't have to make my 'final' career choice at that time, that idea lasted only for a short while and I became interested in other things.
I have been thinking about my future career, my future life for that matter, a lot recently. What is it exactly I want to do? How will I go about acheiving that? Well just when you think you have made up your mind.... Do I really need to finish that sentence? And the question came to my mind, 'will I be happy if my career does not reach out to those in need? Will I be satisfied if I have a 'less involved' career?' For a few seconds I feel the answer is no. I must go to all the third world countries and help people. And then for another few seconds, I think, 'Well that's great but is it really what I want to do?' -don't get me wrong, I want to help people... It is just a very sticky subject.

However, here is what I am most worried about: will I be able to feel guiltless as a human being, living a comfortable life, and having possessions, while I worry about stupid things- that I can't even think of right now, while I know there are people in the world who are starving. crying. hurting. The thing is, I don't think I can.

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