Monday, March 26, 2012


This has been the best 24 hours ever.
Well, perhaps not in my entire life (because my life has consisted of some pretty awesome days) but today has been pretty great, all the same.
Yesterday evening, my wonderful Mother and I drove up to Salt Lake to stay the night with Keke and Dare Bear's lovely casa because yours truly (me) had an audition the following morning in that area.
The evening was full of class projects, a two-story Walmart, and urban legends.
It was all very enjoyable.
(I love sleepovers.)

Cutest cookies ever!
Keke made Mickey Mouse cookies in honor of our sleepover.
They were absolutely scrumptious.

Katie hard at work at her project.

Boom. A+. 'Addiction'.

This morning, I woke up at the crack of dawn, worked out like a mother (nerves), got in old dance attire (it's been about 10 months since I've done any dancing) and headed to the Rose Wagner theater for my friends with a Disney Character audition.

Sweetest card. Made by Dano.

For those of you who don't know, I was recently accepted into the Disney College Program in a restaurant internship. I am absolutely ecstatic and from what I've heard, working in the restaurants at Walt Disney World have an incredible energy, atmosphere, and level of kindness.

However, those accepted into the college program have the option to audition to be friends with the  face and fur characters. And unfortunately, when I learned of this, and additionally learned that there was an audition in Salt Lake City no less, I had to go.
I despise auditions and generally do not talk about them or let people know when I'm going to go to one or have had one just because it has a huge potential to be awkward if I don't get in or something like that but this audition was totally different.

If you have always wanted to be friends with a Disney character (like so many dream of doing) but are too scared to take the first step and even audition, I beg you to dismiss that fear right now and just do it! (Nike style.) The casting directors, choreographer, and fellow auditionees are all full of Disney joy and laughter is plentiful.
Seriously, it was a blast and I wish I could tell details but Disney has a very strict 'Integrity policy' (to keep the magic alive, ya know) so I'm not allowed to share details but I will say that this girl made it through a plethora of cuts.
Bragging time is now over.

Although, as fun and magical as it was and felt, I am expecting today to be the first and last character experience I have with Disney. Though I tried my absolute best, there was just so much talent at that audition!
(And truthfully, I was honored to be apart of it.)
But despite the probable outcome, I am grateful for the opportunity.

My number. Out of 170-something.

After my audition, my fantastico Mother dear and I went to City Creek, a new mall up in Salt Lake.
Holy shmoly kanoli, it's HUGE!
While there, my favorite Mama and I picked up some B-E-A-Utiful apparel for my adventure to Florida (because whether or not I get the entertainment internship, I still have my restaurant internship. Nice, huh!).
This was SO MUCH FUN because my incredible Mumsy has impeccable taste and together we found some essential staples to add to my wardrobe.
Love you Mommy!

After one store, because it was huge and we were exhausted, we drove home to our wonderful fam bam and doggie and I spent the rest of the day relaxing.
It was quite heavenly.
and I am quite blessed.

Thank you to all who made these past 24 hours possible!
Without such supportive and willing family members, I wouldn't be able to try anything new, and what fun would that be?
None fun.
So thank you.


  1. Sashie-
    So excited for you and also proud of you for auditioning. Glad to hear it was actually FUN:)