Thursday, March 1, 2012


(Jeudi is my favorite day of the week to say in French).

After a long day at school today, I came home to a loud TV and a smelly dog, and proceeded to read blogs about the coolness of motherhood. Some days, like today, I wish I was a mom. Simply put, these bloggers just feel like my best friends sometimes. (You can read what I just read by Nie, Beth, and Jo by clicking on their names.)

And then I thought a lot about my own cool Mom and how her Uncle passed away today. My deepest condolences, Mama. As well as to My Nana and Grandpa, Uncle Shep, and Auntie Thelma. Know you are always loved but especially in this tough time.

Then, Brannigan came and sat by me so I snapped this (low-resolution) photo with my phone and then smothered him with kisses because, well, I love him.

It's a typical Thursday, or Jeudi, I should say.

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